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  1. Aden Siege 4/15/2018

    You are right, show more videos like that where you was cheating, using Zr soft, just look at his buffs, removing "Celestial party protection" when 1s left because you don't get celestial debuff at this time, automaticly removing "Balance heal" buff while you doing an other action ... Yeah you are right you should show that kind of videos dude ..
  2. Element and Abilities for Healer

    There is no element that is better than an other one for a healer. The element will only matter for olympiads if you wanna going there. There is my AP tree, PvP healer based. But it's also depends of your stuff.

    Then go out of this clan. You know exactly why he PK you. Your clan is helping LosBandidos since many months, on PvE and PvP. You are friendly to them. And since you put this on forum, don't expect to not getting PK even if you leave this clan. If you don't want to play on a PvP game, go play Terra.
  4. 1. France 2. Chrysty - Main Healer / Dual Feoh 3. Naia 4 105/105 - around 1.5% both 5 I started Lineage II on a private server, played like 6/7 months there, then stoped. Started back with GoD and free to play on official servers. Since GoD i lvled more than 30 characters 85+. From them around 10 90+. From them 4/5 101/103. All accounts can be logged, even if some of them didn't get a connexion since 5 years ^^'
  5. Banditos / Bandidos Bleep Volume 5

    Seriously dude, how pathetic you are .. That's amasing, the only thing i'm doing on forum is answering to ppl like you that lieing and crying all day long . Don't even say 1 word there, and i'll never post anything Sad isn't ? And you are the only one that bring dragon weapons in conversation, when you fighting vs parties that don't have any ... That's really funny dude Did i said anything about a +21 weapon ? Only said that with all this "gear/weapon/brooch br" you could kill easy a party that don't have the same thing, but yeah bring in conversation dragons weapons .. LOOOL ! You crying because i can kill ppl from my clan without loosing time, because we signing by turn on oly ? And tell me what are you doing when you meet someone from your CP/Clan ? They restart for you, or let you kill them without a moove, we saw it. So don't speak about it dude, that's pointless. Even with this system when you was in MAX you manage to loose your status ... That's amasing dude And you should keep your tips for you, don't speak, it's better for yourself You looks so pathetics that's not even funny anymore ..
  6. Banditos / Bandidos Bleep Volume 5

    You are proud of this video ? Why don't you show the 2 others rounds that you loose ? And the next one that you made a tie. With so much gear/weapon/brooch br and saying that you are the best and MAX are nothing ... It should be easy to win against them isn't ? Show us this fight pls. We all wondering who is the clown
  7. RB Farmers: Check GM

    If i'm not wrong, only RB's 101+ got randomized .. All others got the respawn like before, 22 or 24 hours. With that it's not hard to know when they will respawn... My bad then
  8. Banditos / Bandidos Bleep Volume 5

    So report ! Make 100 tickets, and you will see the GM answers What are you waiting for ? And in same time report me also Kiss loosers :*
  9. Banditos / Bandidos Bleep Volume 5

    Ok, so you probably don't know how to assist using right click on the name in party window ? LOL ! You don't even know a basic gameplay mecanics and talking about script ? you funny dude !
  10. VNChiken from max " THE VIDEO!!! "

    Did i say "killing me" ? On PvP you CAN'T win vs MAX. That's a fact. Nothing else. I can die 100 times, if you can't kill the whole party, that will not change anything. I'll keep getting rez, and going back to PvP. And i don't insult you, so don't insult me !
  11. Banditos / Bandidos Bleep Volume 6

    Getting 3 healers in party is against NcSoft rules ? Really ? Seriously dude, go down little bit and stop taking yourself for someone that you are not. We can come with 1 DD and 6 healers if we want, what that will change ? Nothing. So continue crying.
  12. Banditos / Bandidos Bleep Volume 5

    Assist maybe ? Naaa ofc it's scripting
  13. New Customizable Next Target Macro Functionality

    Here we go ...now it will be permanent afk macro players ... GJ ncsoft ...
  14. Banditos / Bandidos Bleep Volume 5

    4/7 videos as it is only about Daily PvP against Bandidos. I cannot be online till 4 AM or on day time since i'm working So when RealMayer or IQ record a fight where i'm not, they sending to me.