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  1. Chrysty

    shilien saint

    It depends. You want to do PvP ? If yes then PoW is an advantage. But not a "must have", you can PvP without PoW without any problems. Only for PvE purpose it's not worst to reroll. And last information, as i heard in 1 or 2 updates this skill will completly disapear. So it will be even worst if you reroll only in purpose to get it back.
  2. You serious dude ? Go buy a brain for 2 min. On a server merge why one server should get advantage on an other one ? It's exactly like when Chronos and Zaken merged together. Why Chronos got advantage on Zaken server ? Merge server = all castle own droped all CH own droped. Everyone have a chance to pick a CH and fight for a Castle without previous owner. A fresh start. But maybe you scared that you could loose your castle/ch and couldn't take it back ? Come on dude ... Stop crying
  3. It's more about CH and Castle that's is pain in the ass for new coming ppl. Or maybe all CH owner and Castle owner will be droped ?
  4. Usualy with a common setup => 2 DD 2 Healer 2 ISS 1 Tank Celestial healer 1, Tank party UD 1, Tank party UD 2, Celestial healer 2, then DD's open their own defense skills and when healer 1 get back celestial (without debuff penality) he will cast it, then healer 2, etc ... When tank will get back his UD he will say it, to not stack with any healer Celestial ... and so on ..
  5. Chrysty


    Buy a normal R99 +10 then change parts by parts to bloody. Would be way better
  6. You are right, show more videos like that where you was cheating, using Zr soft, just look at his buffs, removing "Celestial party protection" when 1s left because you don't get celestial debuff at this time, automaticly removing "Balance heal" buff while you doing an other action ... Yeah you are right you should show that kind of videos dude ..
  7. There is no element that is better than an other one for a healer. The element will only matter for olympiads if you wanna going there. There is my AP tree, PvP healer based. But it's also depends of your stuff.
  8. Then go out of this clan. You know exactly why he PK you. Your clan is helping LosBandidos since many months, on PvE and PvP. You are friendly to them. And since you put this on forum, don't expect to not getting PK even if you leave this clan. If you don't want to play on a PvP game, go play Terra.
  9. 1. France 2. Chrysty - Main Healer / Dual Feoh 3. Naia 4 105/105 - around 1.5% both 5 I started Lineage II on a private server, played like 6/7 months there, then stoped. Started back with GoD and free to play on official servers. Since GoD i lvled more than 30 characters 85+. From them around 10 90+. From them 4/5 101/103. All accounts can be logged, even if some of them didn't get a connexion since 5 years ^^'
  10. If i'm not wrong, only RB's 101+ got randomized .. All others got the respawn like before, 22 or 24 hours. With that it's not hard to know when they will respawn... My bad then
  11. Did i say "killing me" ? On PvP you CAN'T win vs MAX. That's a fact. Nothing else. I can die 100 times, if you can't kill the whole party, that will not change anything. I'll keep getting rez, and going back to PvP. And i don't insult you, so don't insult me !
  12. Here we go ...now it will be permanent afk macro players ... GJ ncsoft ...
  13. Stop crying dude ... 1st isn't a bug it's working like that since YEARS even since BETA. And this is a basic knowledge that EVERYONE know. 2nd the looped macro isn't build to work to play and farm full AFK. You gone AFK away from your computer and back with your toon PK/dead. That's YOUR fault. That's all. 3rd NcSoft explained this already. Stop crying about it and move your ass lazy guy ! Lineage II is a korean farming game ! If you want to farm everything AFK go to private servers with bot softwares !
  14. What is a bug ? Come on ! Take few neurons from donkey guys ! If you got hit from a mob when you don't have any target, you take instantly without any action this mob on target right ? If a player flag hit you while you don't have target you take him on target instantly without any action right ? SO WHERE IS THE BUG ? ... If a tank bring a toon in a zone without any mobs, the next-target / target xxx will not work, then the macro will going to the "attack" line and you will attack this guy that you have on target. That's all ! Simple game mecanics ! And it's like that since YEARS
  15. I agree with your monthly subscribtion and going out of l2store, i prefere this than a p2w system. But for that you will need to start an other fresh server. You cannot transfert any toon on this server, even like you said the first month. Because this toon potentially have all actualy l2store items. That all others won't have. Otherwise if you don't wanna start a fresh server you need to redesign all game to introduce a gameplay way to get all l2store items. If you don't and doing a fresh server, without any of l2store items, there is no more dimensional sieges. Since all this guy from
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