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  1. @Neutron @Conguero I would like to give you a feedback about agathions. Did you think about it : This agathion system is broking all PvP. Situation : Full END GAME PvP party. 4 Feoh (+10 dark set, +16 dark weapon, full items ..) 2 Healers, 1 ISS. PvP fight : It's not possible anymore to kill them. Perma manna barrier up. 7 agathions "Virgo" lvl 12 (1 by character). This mean 7 party rebirth, + 2 healer party rebirth, + shirt solo rebirth + cloack solo rebirth, + all potions / items to restore MP / HP ... This mean for each Feoh, we need to kill him 13 or 14 times (only decreasing his MP). Then he have 1 healer salvation (from box), 1 shirt salvation, 1 agathion salvation, 1 feather. UP this to 16 or 17 times. And i don't even speak about the low cooldown timer for agathion rebirth that allow them to do again rebirth at the end of the 7 agathion rebirth rotation ... How to win against that kind of party ? Now only 1 or 2 party will rules all PvP's because they are immortals.
  2. LosBandidos VS max

    MS droped dual antharas, and they made it lvl 1 already. But it's not a PvP weapon ... So beside give it to an iss or duelist .. sadly it won't make a lot of difference. They shouldn't upgrade it, or try to trade it for an other kind of weapon caster/bow
  3. Molensa Pvp Freya

    That's my only real PvP video since you always avoiding us. And when you coming alone killing yourself on our party, you crying like a baby, "you are 7 i'm alone" ... You are pathetics. My dual class feoh isn't build for PvP. It's PvE only. Sadly ... I would love to get enough items to build a PvP feoh .. That's how you PvPing Party vs Party => PR only
  4. First let motiv for Bandidos => PR !
  5. LosBandidos VS max

    Yeah 2 hits max, That's why you PR so much times from my CP, and need Marcelus + Divekio + You + Zoar + Jaetigar focusing permanently on me to kill me 3 times onlyin 2 hours Verry verry strong Molensa, indeed.
  6. Molensa Pvp Freya

    Molensa is so strong, check there how strong they are :
  7. LosBandidos VS max

    That's a shame to see thoses videos .. Really ... I don't know how they can loose vs bandidos .. BTW Molensa why you cut your first video when you got you and your clan members farmed non stop by vndragon just after this ? You showing only your wins ? Like MS you never showing when you loosing so your propaganda can continue ? Soon on my channel will be your coward attitudes on real PvP situation (aka siege time), upload is in progress .. I heard that yesterday night it was again some PvP where your clan got killed in 4 rounds. Soon i'll have the video (sadly i wasn't there). Maybe you could show us this.
  8. Banditos / Bandidos bleep

    La branlée que l'on as pris ? Tu devrais plutôt dire celle que VOUS avez pris mdr. Incapable de faire un seul dégats sur ma CP, et finalement PR en laissant Rollo derrière .. Tu est pathétique mon grand. T'en fait pas j'ai fraps tous les fights de ma CP, et tous vos PR. Même si finalement ma CP suivait Bandidos et Happy la votre
  9. Banditos / Bandidos lies

    Seem's MAX is a coward clan .. OK ! Let's show something
  10. Need some advice

    Like Ferine said, +CON is way more better for survavibility. For epics jewels, you don't need to take the best. Top grade PvP earing stun, Antharas / B.Antharas, B.Frint, AQ Soul, Baium Soul. And you are really good. The best would be Lindvior, B.Antharas, B.Frint or B.Valakas, Truth Seeker, Ruler's Ring. First take a Longing, it's not so much expensive actually, if you can go to Insanity. Complete your talisman with 7s, both together is a good combinaison. Atelia Fortress talisman lvl 10 gives an extra pdef, Venir talisman can gives an extra CON stats, never worst. For brooch jewels, try to get a 5 slots. Then Diamond, Garnet, Aquamarine, Tanzanite, then you can complete with whatever you want, following the situations, pearl, topaz, emerald .. I don't agree with your tips to keep a R95 set even blessed than a +8 R99. Don't invest money on something that you know you will change soon. Your R95 set is way enough for now you are almost 99 so just keep it and invest directly on R99 +8 set. Then slowly when you can change parts / parts to a blessed, then bloody/dark. For Eva's Rune i agree. If you wanna continue doing only PvE, you don't need it. If you going for PvP often (not only once a month), then prestige pack is a must.
  11. Salvation - First Chapter Feedback

    The healer celestial changements, it's pretty good for the reuse time of celestial party protection. Celestial every minutes beside every 2. The iss diversification, it's a real plus on this class. The clan changements, everyone have the same skills / passives skills that's a big plus in comparaison with previous clan version. The ISS BR debuff, if you cast BR when 1s left from a previous one, You simply lost your BR. The Tank party rescue, party UD. Now only one skill is usefull for PvP protection, the other one is only one little Pdef/Mdef boost, that protect nothing. The Tank party rescue, party UD debuff. That impact the PvP time, everything is faster, i enjoyed much more the long PvP battles than the short one. When everyone dies in 1/2 hots, where is the fun ? The RB's random spawn + shield, both in same time is complete bullshit. Actually wanted to make RB's random to stop ppl farming them constantly, randoms should be able to farm them also. Ok. But making them harder with this shield, simply make this RB's IMPOSSIBLE for randoms. When it was possible for them to kill from time to time some of them. The new 1-85 lvling path. Permanent lavieenrose jewelry on l2store, and i would say more : Do like european servers, EACH TYPE OF BOXES permanent, Not only random type. R99 gear stage upgrades. Apply the Korean XP curves. But first of all, you really should stop waiting 2 years, before release on our servers one update.
  12. Need some advice

    Hi, Everything is linked to your goal. PvE or PvP ? Focus first on a better set, +8 R99 robe set, full attribute. Then focus on full +CON tatoos (+15) Then focus on jewelry Then talismans Then lavienrose Then a +10++ ferios cloack Then a +8 ++ shiny shirt / physical shirt / magical shirt
  13. LF screen recording software

    I would highly recommend DxTory. You need a licence to use it legaly, but it's something like 20/30$ for your life. You can select wich codec you wanna use, change the codec settings, you can record your computer sound on differents channels, that allow you to edit everything on any specialized editing software. And DxTory is really light in used ressources for the record. I'm using it since few years already.
  14. Naia Or Freya

    Don't look at server creation date. If it's not always, it's often a server created to merge few others server on it. Most of active ppl on Freya came from the old servers Magmeld, Bartz, Shilien. You got the same amount of work to provide to reach the end game content on both servers.
  15. Banditos / Bandidos bleep

    Everything is on the description and the video Enjoy it !