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  1. @Juji I have rune (50%) exp... at now i have 200% more than normal??
  2. Just summon fioti, after cake and make us happy! im lost a long time, when w8ing respown of cakes and fioti... and i have a real life, and time to work. We need exp, not rune 150%, its a unfair! This rune is good only for bot players! @Juji
  3. And yesterday's cake? and exp losted? and the exp/ weapom geted for bots? what your position??
  4. tsc tsc tsc.... one more time @Juji? only bots get epx again.. roll back to yesterday before the night cake...
  5. Again.. only bots with scripts gain rewards! nice event =] GZ ncsoft
  6. Exp for all ppl, or rollback to 5 minutes before the event!
  7. If event canceled, just rollback and gg, becouse ppl up in my side.. =]
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