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  1. No matter what will be the outcome of this poll the reult is allready determined... Last time we ve been asked to give you guyz feedback the outcome came up to be the last 2 (correct me if I m wrong) updates, which destroyed the so called "casual" players. Nowdays in order to survive you have to be above 80% tier. The last changes you have done by introducing the greedy boxes helped a bit but in the meangwhile 3rd party programmers came to the scene farming 24/7 with all kinds of cheating-mechanics possible (they even had hiding ertheias, or login-logout toons at astronomical speeds
  2. I have to agree with most of the things that Argus is saying and pointing out. Now from my point of view: Let me state some of the problems most of the players are facing: 1. Items creation and or acquisition: Scarcity in mid tier to end game items. Let me name some of them... We lack 6-slot brooches, we also lack (and yes many people will be likezomg wtf that guy is saying) brooch jewels stage 1 lv.5, its an item that exists for like what 5 years (?) and we are still running with lv 3 and if those werent introduced in the game for free many people wont even have any of th
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