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  1. to paraphrase something a GM actually said some years back: "We do not give any information on the game to encourage players to discover themselves" I translated this as: "I have no damn clue wtf is going on in there, I don't play this game what you want from me?"
  2. it's not about getting some1, it's about eliminating variables and trying to find either the root of the problem or the solution. discord does not lag or disconnect during the lag/dc morning hours of l2
  3. No disconnect from discord during the morning l2 lag/dc sessions.
  4. sadly this is the time i have to do kama/baylor etc with my friends. Repeated dc inside the instance. Unable to log back in for several tries . So no instances for us. We appreciate that kind of service provided. Glad we canceled the prestige runes. Kindly request to FIX YOUR SH*T
  5. it's that time again, for the next hour or 2 lag and dcs non stop to non playable levels. optic fiber here, w/o vpn, with everything else working as usual besides l2. wonder why.
  6. can also confirm no change in download speed, problems with other running stuff or any other connection issue at the time lag and dcs happen.
  7. can confirm this.....
  8. We understand you are upset you cannot log your billion cameras with legal means, to get your boxes and sell your adenas, but tone it down.
  9. man you really seem buthurt about a temporary change. What happened? did that cut off your bot farm or smthng?
  10. i realy don;t get what you complain about, you are both right. @socketkais pretty accurate in describing what is happening. The good thing about greedy boxes is they injected new items in the servers every few hours, that's fair enough. BUT, noone complains that no new +++ sets or pve weapons were produced anymore by any1, you tell me why. Also there is no other way to get gems ingame. Now, although new items were injected who is gonna argue that the literal army of cameras all around the map adding "population" to the servers did not contribute to lag and que? Also how does not s
  11. now the minimum gear bar has been raised a bit, and someone might kill him with the exalted stuff <danger, danger>.
  12. @Laykeyaold times was not an argument, it was an example. Some1 pays 15-30 euros per month, has certain expectations of service. Some1 pays *voluntarily* 1000 euros per month, has different expectations and demands of service.
  13. @Laykeyayou go back 2 -3 years you will see different behaviour in forum, not this angry rants. you will see even posts asking for feedback. did you see any response to all the threads? did you see 1 response in the 15 pages of player feedback? did you see 1 of the repeating problems being acknowledged, addressed, or solved? there is no use in this attitude, the attitude of users is because of the indifference of NC. you do not just see the result and say why you act like this, try check the cause of this attitude. no one is forcing you to pay, that is a fact. they just rigged the
  14. you know when people were respectful here? back in the subscription era. Why don't you check how many of us would gladly slip back to that model? coz you know what happened back then? server was stable, events were fun and meaningful, support team got sh*t done, and gms communicated with us. on the other hand people were fewer, servers were more, and i guaranty revenue was less coz l2store got people to spend a fortune willingly. No one forced them technically (if you exclude the systematic removal of game farming mechanics). You think it's easy for someone to cut off a 15 year old habbi
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