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  1. @Maydayseperate your text into paragraphs so people can read easier the thing is we were asked for input. We got 0 acknowledgment of the player's input, NC is quiet as a fish. WRITE A POST "WE READ WHAT YOU WROTE AND WE UNDERSTAND THE PROBLEMS, WE ARE CONSIDERING "A", "B" AND "C", WE WILL KEEP YOU POSTED". Not only was our input ignored, but what we pointed out almost unanimously as a positive, player-friendly change was reverted just last restart. Then an xp event started which will quiet people, make them forget the problems, as they log every toon they got to xp. Classic misdirection.
  2. 1st of if you do not ask what you want, you will never get what you want. 2nd if oyu like how this game is ran what's the problem? no matter how much ppl complain nothing seems to change in players favor, be happy and enjoy your game. What bothers you or seems irrational of what people want? The rest of us will find something else to pass time eventualy. Have fun
  3. no. this perpetuates the existing problems, rewarding them, like what theyu do for this game is good. No ty, w/o some real content my butt is outta here. enjoy the sale
  4. Assuming the same happened with the last such thread, can you point out 1-2 implemented ideas of that thread?
  5. @Hime you go and have fun with this little buddy
  6. i still remember some memorable gear i crafted or farmed over the years like crafting and enchanting my old r99 bow, blowing my adenas enchanting my old +6 armor before i stopped playing many years ago crafting 2 blessed draconic parts, been giver a whole vorpal set from my old clan for participating in Tiat runs (i think it was Tiat, don't remember well) having the mats to craft black ore and after majestic jewels finally, farming A grade helm recipes with a spoiler friend dropping a kris dagger early on, getting my turn of epic jewels after mo
  7. @Juji @Hime @LIME why don't you give us some feedback that you a) read the thread b) understand the problems listed c) are doing something about some of them as some1 else mentioned here, start by a small step and provide some actual results. Personally, I'm all fed up with how you people operate this. Stopped this game before will most likely do it again in a very very short time. THIS IS NOT FUN. I'm too old to play mobile games, old enough to have seen how proper games are made and played. Mobile games I'd rather play on my toilet.
  8. my guess is same reason prestige does not get applied to the whole account but just 1 toon. Poor planning and disregard if players/clients fun. Decisions being made by mobile game designers who never played this 20y old game
  9. y'all find this normal? I 'don't mean to offend buddy but this depressed me....
  10. very low confidence in you when I take into account how serious you got the last 20+ page feedback thread, but here goes i short: pros: new zone is great concerning xp, group making and adenas for people under 110. the bad thing is it is better than higher lvl areas, attracking super high lvled people or ppl with dragon weapons etc taking the spots form people with no other area to lvl up. This does not mean "oh nerf this area" means boost the higher areas. the increased adenas in IoP is a possitive change patch notes were out early for once cons insane boost to
  11. The main problem of the game is there is no way to get items through actually playing the game. Just hit mobs, buy promos, rinse and repeat. What difference do a few bills here and there make? You(plural) most likely already bought trillions of adenas by trading store items, bought for thousands of euros, to be able to farm billions, congratz
  12. the thing is ppl will stay around as long as there is fun to be had and progression to be made, so we feel accomplishment. Id strongly suggest to the ppl in charge of this train wreck: CATER TO YOUR PLAYER BASE, ask the devs what you need, not what leftovers they throw at us
  13. well my archer could farm about 250m afk in IoP with aoe, now can't stay alive with single target, same gear, same buffs, same set up. Can't say he can safely solo dinos anymore. So same effort, less rewards for same areas for low to mid geared ppl. @Juji @Hime you two can give the under 112 lvl players with moderate gear a reason to log in your game and play? Your presence in the forums and input is amazing. So are the moderators who only pop up to play rules lawyer and contribute 0 to making the gaming experience in your forums and game better.
  14. so, you boosted the mobs everywhere, when the hell are you gonna boost the players? @Juji@Himeyou ever play this game to test the crap you are pouring out? you got any idea wtf kinda gear you need at minimum to do stuff and how one gets it? a couple of months ago people had to move their farming spots to handle the dmg of the previous boosted mobs. Now you force ppl to do the same with timed zones? 111 archer soloing a spot in IoP with no problem finding it impossible to farm now. Killing at the same speed more or less BUT the dmg they output is insane. Got your +10 exalted stuff, ru
  15. as long as people do not change and just keep buying their lootboxes is there a reason to change?
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