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  1. Botting?

    also @EmperorLeto please point out to us which of the terms of conduct you interpret as name shaming because i took the time to read them and found no term prohibiting the posting of videos showing people doing something illegal based on the agreement we all accept to play the game concerning the use of 3rd party programs. if you cannot recognize the bot behavior i;m not sure we can move this conversation further until you get us in contact with an "expert" so we can see who is braking which code of conduct here
  2. Mats Prices

    on point
  3. if they wanna close the server they don't have to kill the population reason is probably coz most of the dev/gm team have no clue how this game is actually played / state of the game, besides restarting the server, doing regular maintenance, repeating promos (not events really), and repeating usually partially informational responses to issues avoiding most points. I'd like to apply for a job there
  4. just check what will happen in 1-2 months where the stock of r crys to make soulshots will be depleted. people already crushed the r and r95 items, only reliable source of new ones is craft, coz i do not consider 0,1% chance at best reliable. Craft is capped by the drop of the non tradable eather which is also caped at 120, though after 10h straight farm i got no more than 20. not to mention the 60% success rate. So how many days you need to gather the mats to craft, lets say a sigil, crush for ~200 crys and make ss, can you gather the mats to recraft the sigil with the ss crafted by those 200 crys? i can do the math but the quick answer would be NO. Which can lead to a discussion on having surplus adenas to invest on your gear to progress the game. CAN A GM ELABORATE ON THE ECONOMY OF THE SERVER UNDER THIS UPDATE?
  5. ISS debuffs

    any reason the 2 iss debuffs cancel one another?
  6. So... @Juji, what exactly is there to do in this update? 0 quests, almost 0 instances (the older ones that are still up have worthless drops and xp), and the new ones are not suited for people with average gear (a couple of hundred bills worth of gear) The new solo kartias have no return revenue for the spent resources. The people who moved from paulinas to exalted gear cannot do the new group instances and cannot realistically farm gear to go do them. I WOULD REALLY LIKE A GUIDE FROM AN EMPLOYEE HOW TO PROGRESS IN THE GAME. Better yet why don't you start a new character and give us an essay on how your experience in the game was? i think that would be an interesting read I'm glad everyone got at least some exalted gear and everyone has a basic geared toon to him mobs BUT, the exalted gear put a dent in the gear market, making r-r95 and non pve/pvp r99 or +6+++ armor obsolete, making people craft their own ss (not to mention buying them form l2store) made the soulshot market obsolete. @Juji can you give us a few examples of farming or some advice on how to play your game more efficiently plz?
  7. Bloody Bow vs Kelbim Bow

    what dmg is this 2k difference on/? if it got you from 6k to 8k that's not that bad, if it got you form 100k to 102k it's really nothing.
  8. Do we have an ETA on the restart that will bring us the update (from the time of a post)?
  9. Bloody Bow vs Kelbim Bow

    keep hitting and check the difference when pinpoint crits
  10. do we have stats on the exalted weapons? do they need to be elemented?
  11. how long away would that be form the time posting this? also, despite my previous snarky comments of certain failings, a good job should be recognized and commended. Well done on getting us the patch notes in a reasonable time before the update and on addressing and communicating the Vitality issues to the player base. I believe it is appreciated by the majority
  12. which means if they did it, it can be done here as well, it's up to the Dev team to implement it or find some kind of solution to this
  13. some bugs are so old they are considered features now
  14. as long as people still buy them like hot cakes why would they adjust the pricing to "reasonable" levels? not defending this, just saying
  15. when you enter your favorite coffee shop and the employee screws up your order repeatedly or spits in your coffee you can't say what the hell are you doing there? that;s toxic behavior? you would probably ask yourself why you still go to that coffee place wouldn't you?