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  1. and let's not forget about the answering time. few days. why do i even bother buying runes.,,,
  2. @Juji people can't loggin. please do something about it
  3. personaly, i love it. i was able to make some savings and farm with ss:D hope it will be implemented again.. also, the 7 clients limit is really welcomed. Thank you Juji
  4. you guys should stop complaining or you gonna get ban also.
  5. i, for one will stop using l2 store as a form of protest, and stay in town as a shop. ty wody for writing all our concerns and demands
  6. "An Enchant Scroll of Forbidden Fate can be used in place of the Enchant Scroll of Fate and it will also prevent failed enchantments up to level 8 from destroying the item. The enchantment levels will not be lost." this includes +8 or till +8?
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