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  1. So pretty much out of 50 can expect few enchants, couple GE ton of blue denton, few other worthless fragments. In 15 years of playing have never seen the top prizes awarded.
  2. Elder Green Offers dual class reawakening while allowing you to keep your current dual class level. Please note that enchanted skills are removed and are not refunded after the Dual Class is changed. Dual Class can be reawakened with the following items: Your Dual Class Cloak and 667 R-Grade Gemstones Still looking for reply as to why AP skills aren't reset, and why all the SP isn't reset. If it said anything whatsoever about it, would not have wasted the 800 and w
  3. The whole event is B.S. - 1. 867 mil adena to switch dual class, OK cool, no secret there. Also have to relearn all new skills, sweet says that in description too. But, really? Already cost almost a bil, but the SP isn't refunded to learn the skills, AND the AP aren't even reset(another 500 mil SP)? I have been running a 200% SP rune since i made the char and still not even close to enough SP. Total **** **** that in the description it does not say AP or SP will be refunded. 2. Item descriptions in L2 Store- Misleading descriptions on ALLOT of items for events/very similar so can't r
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