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  1. Agree with OP.

    You guys are charging hundreds of dollars for nothing, which a few people will buy. Now think if you lowered the price how many people would buy this junk. Your events are horrible, you are bleeding players by the day. Your customer service is horrid. You mention how "We wont be breaking the rules for anyone anymore" yet it took me about five emails to have multiple gms break the rules. Instead of server base xp, you release this vit junk, another slap in the face.

    Also, fantastic job releasing an event support can't partake in. You guys should just give every support player the +10, and 10k free ncoin for being substandard humans.

    I can go buy a ps4, and red dead redemption 2 for what, 300 bucks? Or I can have a +0 shirt, that is worse then previous shirts. 

    Infa, you will get the "we are working on creating new and exciting events in the future, please stay tuned for exciting news"

    Realistically too, what is keeping people logging in? PvP is beyond broken, OLY is a topaz fight, and use all these bought item skills, and sieges are just as dumb. They just need to make it so you cant play while speaking on ts/discord/vent so the remaining player base can move onto something else. (Red dead redemption 2 is really fun)

    The one perk I can see to how you run your company is that I can borrow a bunch of gear from all the people that have quit and not have to put anymore money into this game.

    "Guys don't worry about live players anymore, we have new idiots spending tonnes of money on classic, these people that have been supporting us for 14 years? Don't really matter anymore" lol.

  2. Best tank is Sigel Evas templar hands down.

    You want dual to be 105 to get the certs, makes a huge difference. Your main doesn't have to be high level to get the dual certs, just dual. Example my main is 103 evis, dual is 105 tank.

    You want to have a dual class/ main that can share the same armor / gear. A good choice is iss. Tank/ISS are usually the two more looked for classes, will get you parties + xp. Plus you can use all defensive items for both and save a lot of money. Same weapon as well.

    Leveling a tank is difficult without support. IE: DD / ISS. You will have to three box to be able to level it on your own. At a certain point you will be getting parties, try to join a clan, be active, be vocal in ts/vent and try to get into a CP.

    Revelation skills Undying Disp. This is what I have chosen, everyone is a little bit different.

    Dyes: I went full out con for dyes, a lot of tanks go full out STR, I like having this con just so I can put AP into other stuff and still get close to max (Yes max hp doesn't matter, but getting hit by big dog nukers AMX / ECLIPSIS hurts, and don't want to get one shot.

    I learned all new skills on my tank except for magical mirror. It has a higher chance to reflect magical attacks / debuffs when fighting nukers is a big deal.

    There are some good tutorials on here in a few different posts. Norbit is an excellent tank, ingame name is Katrise and he's always willing to help out from what I've seen. Main thing with tank, you are a tank, you dont do damage, dont try. Keep big dds out of the fight, and try to keep your pt alive. 

    Dual certs: Went all mdef/pdef.

    Ingame name is Mutch if you have anymore questions : )

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  3. 17 minutes ago, weinerthezorn said:

    Mutch 4 hours ago: I started all this with 1 post!

    Mutch Now: What! Nova didn't start or cry about anything... we innocent little babies.

    I told you what nova did. Several members who wanted a dragon weapon downgraded did the same thing as truffle. That is not considered crying, that is called getting fair treatment. MS would have been crying the same. Do you guys remember when you mass petitioned in regards to the mana barrier? A game mechanic? Not a GM change?


  4. Is this like the time ms mass petioned me to get me chat banned for the entire month I was hero? Then PMing me laughing about it? 

    You can't be this dumb to think we had some master plan to gm you. You know how many clans hate MS / truffle? 

    Yes I'm a nova player, no I've never gmed anyone and I advise people not go. 

    This thought that nova is this evil clan that resorted to gming truffle to get rid of the bow is just paranoia. I'd rather have him on his archer. What's the perk to evis? He's invincible and one shots everyone. 

    Lets not forget about GMs giving away account info to Nova accounts. By your logic this is a ms move? 

    Grow up, stop crying 

    I'm also guessing that you have an exact count of people gming truffle? Does this list include all the neutrals who pmed me laughing saying they reported him? Does this list include MS who can't stand truffle? 


  5. I'll try to make this simple. People in Nova agree the gms made a mistake, but out gripe is that it can't happen for just one person. Truffle and coffee said the same solution, make it viable for everyone. 

    I've never heard of anyone in Nova gming for getting pulled, hell dink was griefing me the other night. 

    Seeing as you're somewhat new back to game I'll cut you some slack. Do you really think ms hasn't had some of the same gm help? 

    More to come? Great, but please be warned that your clan could be put into a world of hurt. 


  6. Welp I'm guessing this is going to come back to Nova using the mass petition. 

    Honestly don't see how this is a problem, part of the game. 

    Would like to see a gm reply. These GMs that keep making these mistakes.... Do they get any kind of punishment? I can't imagine being a gm that difficult or stressful. 

  7. So truffle makes ONE TRILLION adena out of this and he is the victim?

    I also don't get the uproar, he had his fists downgraded, zuriel asked for the CLAN CLAWS back, and truffle told him to bleep off. You guys in ms realise he was stealing from you basically right?

    Hows the loot share when truffle is farming raids? 

    Maybe I should make another post/gm that it's unfair that truffle got the keep the trillion adena? Would that help out? 

    How much more compensation do you guys is fair for truffle to get? Because one trillion adena is A LOT.

    As for the mass petitioning aspect, truffle was bragging, in hero shout that its good to be truffle to get gms to do stuff. How do you guys think the rest of the server (not just nova) felt about that? Do you think that they were elated to see truffle speaking like that? The best part of this, is the fact that MS members were actually GMING truffle as well. Don't believe me, don't care.

    So is truffle quitting, is wiener quitting, is there a mass exodus or just a bunch of four year olds screaming when they are told they can't have a candy bar? 

  8. You guys keep crying nova mass gmd. Several people gmed to get THE SAME TREATMENT as truffle.

    I feel like you guys are too upset (qq) to actually read what people are saying. 

    Truffle also ran his mouth about "how to get gms to do you favors you gotta be truffle" How do you think every other player in the game who has asked for a gm to do something and gets told no? Not only nova people would be upset about this. 

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