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  1. Zuriel : Hey truffle, since you downgraded your weapon to level 2, can the clan have the claws back Truffle: Hold my beer.
  2. Have any of you guys ever had any education in regards to how to properly have a conversation? I feel like I am discussing this with children. Bringing it back to topic at hand. GMS PERFORMED A NON SANCTIONED ACTION > GMS WONT DO THIS ACTION FOR ANYONE ELSE > GMS WONT REVERSE SAID ACTION. "But this one time someone got a shirt transferred"
  3. Ah ok, only banned once for using third party software, "not too bad"
  4. I feel that solution would get a lot of these players less pissed. Just a little bit of fairness.
  5. First off, no I'm not talking about pepp. I don't give a crap about him. Secondly there are multiple other people with stage 1/2 dragon weapons. I don't siege, I just came back to game. Yes zuriel is super efficient, has he learned how to run around pillars in oly yet? I'm simply asking why it is ok for one player to be allowed this privilege but no others, as the GMS have stated. Great, players have had bound shirts traded, there have been ms members that have had the same luxury. Do you remember when GM's returned degus gear when he went red? Or when degus died when red
  6. Hi there GM's On chronos you refunded Truffles stage 3 fist mats, and down graded it to a level 2. He then used these mats to make a stage 2 bow, which is a pretty big deal. Other players have asked for the same treatment, and you are telling them "The gm who helped truffle made a mistake, we won't be helping out anyone else" Curious as to how you can create such a power/gear shift, yet only do it for one player. You do realise how bad this looks right? Seeing as truffle was banned how many times for third party and he is still kicking around? There are two solutions.
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