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  1. Little wings removed?

    Hi all. I recently played lineage again after a few years, and halfway settled I decided to raise a hatchling, but when I went to turn to take the quest, cooper did not give me any quest. Little wings was removed? How do I get a hatchling now? (apart from the action house). In another subject, i have an assassin bamboo hat which cannot be bough anymore, and i was wondering, how much can i get from it if i sell it?
  2. How to get r99 set?

    Hello to all the mute, I apologize if this topic does not correspond to this section or if this question was already made and answered. After many years I decided to play again on the chronos server, I started from 0 and I currently have a 98 level tyrr doombringer whose dual level is 95. I think my understanding of the game is enough to cover the basics, but being close to level 99 and never having risen so much, I find that I have no idea how to get the r99 set beyond action house and much less understand how people manage that amount of adena. My question is this, how do I get a set r99 and a weapon? Where do I start? In what way do I start? I ask that if you are going to post ironic responses such as "dropping", "crafting" "buying", limit yourself, those vague ideas have already crossed my mind, if I could or knew how to do some of that, I would not be doing this post. Thank you very much in advance, and have a nice day.