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  1. I need some answers please

    I choose it long time ago because i like how it looks like, animations and etc. It's better to play class that u like and want to play. About adena, sad to hear that but i understood, thank you. About l2store and r99 armor/weapon set, as i understand its for 30 days only? i think i start that quest already, now i need to reach lvl 99 to continue my quest. Anyway, thank you so much for your reply, i appreciate it.
  2. Hello everyone. I would like to ask several questions, because many things are incomprehensible to me. I hope i will find someone here who can give me the answer on all my questions. Thank you in advance. 1) I'm Yul Trickster, almost lvl 97. Where, how and what do i need to farm adena? 2) Where to find a good gear/weapon except Auction, because to buy it from Auction i need money which i have no idea where to find. 3) I don't see any daily quests like before, in Kartia solo/party some quests near Dark Elf town and etc, what's happened and do we still have any daily quests to lvl up? 4) How necessary is pay on this lvl and higher? Can i play comfortable without payment? I will appreciate for any suggestions, help that can help me to enjoy this game even more.
  3. Help newbie, please

    Okay, thank you. I also checked Class Discussion Section but there is not much information about Yul Trickster but its okay, im trying slowly to learn this game just want to become stronger with good armor, accesories, weapon and etc
  4. Help newbie, please

    Okay, i got it. I asked because someone told me i can lbl up subclass to 85 and geat a cloak... because if u creat a sub class and get R pack, you get only armor and weapon but no cloak. So i was curious how can i get it too
  5. Help newbie, please

    I know that farm with Summoner is the best but is it that bad to farm with Yul or Feoh? And thank you so much , i will check those places. But unfortunately i dont know yet how to use macro there.
  6. Help newbie, please

    yeah already got it, thank you. But i found one more questions. Only one subclass can be lvl up to 80+ ? because i have one sub 85 lvl and when i tried to lvl up another one it stuck on lvl 80. And is there any other place where can i farm adena with my class Yui Trickster or Feoh? Because there in Schuttgart so many summoners and no place to farm at all
  7. Help newbie, please

    Thank you so much, i will check this out
  8. Help newbie, please

    Hello guys and girls. I didn't play for long time and i don't know many things now. So i want to ask just few questions: 1) I have Yui Trickster with dual class (85 Feoh Storm Screamer), on main class i have Immortal armor (R) while on dual i have only Paulina's Dynasty armor (S). The question is, where and how can i get Immortal armor Robe and Staff for my Feoh? 2) Where and how can i farm Adena? Thank you in advance for you answers. Have a good day. Best regards, Nira