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  1. My evis/yul got: 51 box myst. BSSR and only 1-2 SSR box until now. What is your experience? Same there or only bad luck for me?
  2. Anyone can tell me what about enchanted "old" skills, when I learn new 110 skill for greater rune? What about old skill enchant? For example +10 - 5.6% p.def on Eviscerator - new - almighty gravity skill will work alone, and I'll lost that 5.6% p.def?
  3. You didn't give compansation for whole server for lags, dc etc. yet and no communication about it. What about malee lag compansation? You should give minimum double, triple compensation for malee chars, because normal server issues (for 7-8 months) + malee lag issue 1yr+.
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