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  1. + Opal lvl4 jewel for 30 EUR ? 30 EUR is a full game IRL
  2. Trilions adena easily farmable? Thank you for info :DDDD
  3. Do you just selling things in Aden?
  4. I have evis/yul So ... it depends. Except this melee lag, Evis can kill better in solo places, but similar at storm for example. Differences: - Evis 111 with greater rune skill, bloody krishna weapon - Yul 109 (w/o 110+ 10% dmg skill and ofc greater rune skill), enchanted krishna thrower +8 and lower skill enchants, forgotten etc So, where you need to kill with aoe, a weaker yul is better. 1on1 maybe not, but 2-3 solo skill is pretty strong on yul. Better, than evis 30% lethal or x5 dmg modifier.
  5. Naia is useless... Prestige, 200% xp rune for 4 characters is wasted money.
  6. Hi GMs, War Speciality lv 3. need to get clan quest for the siege reward event box. Are you sure?
  7. If you do the Exalted quest, I think you can get Enchanted Exalted weapon, which is better or similar than R99 +8 weapon. After that you can buy more and more exalted weapon for adena (blunt, 2h blunt, spear) whatever you want to your TYR. But! These weapon good enough until lvl 105-107 max.
  8. Compensate my electricity bill All night my computer runs unneccessary Anyway, you should break 3 client / PC rule, because cleared, your server health and the number of the players (especially from 1 pc) are independent.
  9. Not perfect, but much better than yesterday. Of course I'm not satisfied with this state, but better, until tomorrow, when you can do some changes featuring the dev team.
  10. My evis/yul got: 51 box myst. BSSR and only 1-2 SSR box until now. What is your experience? Same there or only bad luck for me?
  11. Anyone can tell me what about enchanted "old" skills, when I learn new 110 skill for greater rune? What about old skill enchant? For example +10 - 5.6% p.def on Eviscerator - new - almighty gravity skill will work alone, and I'll lost that 5.6% p.def?
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