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  1. In Brazil it has been impossible to play these last days, you get disconnected every 2 hours, every day... in several regions I have friends with this same problem, since the expansion of kamael!
  2. There is many of people having This problema, nobody know How to use This...someone can Help us? @Juji @Hime
  3. 3 job buffs

    On that lasts updates the staff turn farming easyer with some changes, but with 15 birthday event so many support chars reach lvl 76 and 3 job. The staff can make the 3 job buffs like cov and prophecy of fire up tô 20 minutes instead 10 minutes like default, It would be a great help!
  4. Red Libra Summer Event

    @Hime @Juji
  5. Weapon Supply Box (A-Grade) and Weapon Supply Box (Best A-Grade). There is a big price difference betwen these two Boxes and we have no ideia wich weapon drops in one or another, can the staff please explain to us ?
  6. Soulshot C recipe

    We need a answer @Juji