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  1. Long time player (original chronicles), first time poster... I’d like like to preface this by saying I’m not here to tell people how to do their jobs, because obviously a lot of time and money was put into developing Lineage. The game has always been a grind, but it’s becoming almost fairly boring and stale. Rather than adding interesting content, the game seems to be cut back every few months. This is the case for all levels. Just a couple thoughts to correct course: Add more multi-sequence raids such as Frintezza, where there is variety in stages and toons can have di
  2. Mail me in game at this username
  3. How does the weapon upgrade system work for upgrades within the same grade? For example - How do you use "Weapon Varnish - B Grade" to upgrade a low B weapon to a high B weapon? It says to talk to the Aden blacksmith, but his chat window only has upgrades for over enchanted items (going from D grade to C grade, etc...). Does a new chat window become available when you have the weapon varnish in your inventory or am I missing something?
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