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  1. Fix PK system pls

    Even I made a PK Poney char to revenge on all those who PK me, I agree with all the above.
  2. So no macro?

    Will have to quit the game if they don't put macro back up soon. Already hard enough to fight adrenaline players and their PK service 24/7 & RMT farming the bosses and shit, now they took away our last fighting chance. Quiting in 10 days if no macros. Hope they will react (highly doubt it)
  3. Blood Crystals

    Hey guys, Quick noob question! Where can I obtain Blood Crystals required for clan skills? Many Thanks !
  4. Server Merge

    Yeah , come on NCSoft, make them come to Giran! It's needed for both servers!
  5. Will the 50% Rune I bought + the 50% XP will cumulate?
  6. Giran server is dead

    Are you guys insane ? Giran dead ? Yeah there is macros party everywhere but there is plenty of live players half playing half macro-ing. There is plenty of live clan recruiting players and new players too, trying to do clan arenas , I see RB parties also killing bosses .... It’s not because you don’t get a good experience that it’s the same for everyone. Giran is far from dead, and it’s coming from a guy that spent 3 years on Skelth.