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  1. compensation

    with this days with huge amount of lags we loose xp/adena farm give us compensation or make xp event x200% for 1 month and Also Refund to all players the ncoins that they spend to Buy full boost to xp!
  2. No more New Items Please

    just easy stop donating , stop supporting ncwest , and quit this game (Old L2store whale ) just i did OR better buy them with RMT which much cheaper and safer not like now that you dont know if one ring will cost 50 bill or 250 bill with 0 chances of ncwest. its too late for pvp game is dying faster , Naia already no pvp they all quit and some of them become pve until they will get bored and quit also . there is no future to this game and this is a reminder for all the players that playing now stop before you waste your money here
  3. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, July 17, 2019

    or you can stop donating and giving money to a company with 0 services to the players
  4. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, July 17, 2019

    thnks for rare pack 30 days pve for life until the game destroyed .
  5. Damaged spellbooks FAIL

    there is on l2store as 5 days sale promotion you can buy them from there! i spend 1k damage spellbooks to recieve 5 chapter 1 so in general better way is from l2store not in game!
  6. Got a Ferios +10 IDK what is a good augment

    at +10 maybe you will not see big difference but from +15 +++ with second augment you will see difference
  7. Got a Ferios +10 IDK what is a good augment

    for pvp the best is -pvp dmg 5% For pve - pve dmg or p.defence
  8. enchant rate for cloaks

    i would like to see also the tables of success rates but they will never shown to us! btw 3 packs of 6800 ncoins for +5 cloak i spend