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  1. Hello Hime hope ur doing well! Can we have a proper reward list and all hunting zone concerned for the greedy chest sooner or later?
  2. How hard is it for ppl to understand, the guy said 100 time to enter the Dim Server it will Reset ur Weekly quest, i didn’t know that but now i know it as a clan leader ill do it also, its Simple and basic to Understand, he didnt talk annother language
  3. Focus Attack is an amazing skills if you'r setup make you use you'r skills to kill mobs or pvp, if you are focused on autohits and pole mobs then you will use sharpen edge of storm, Focus attack was designed to boost Skill dmg mostly and Add more patk , https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FOBh_QCTygg&t=1s With this "Skills" setup build Focus attack is doing an amazing job. if i was only focusing on autohits then i won't be able to use it bcz i'll only hit 1 mob.
  4. @Juji @Hime Hello, It has come to my attention to let you GM know's that The haunted chest/bloody chest are Absoluetely not dropping Zariche/Akamanah bloods. I have talked and myself opened more than thousands of chest, and all of my friends and ppl i talked with, reunited we opened 10 000+ Bloody haunted chest. Not one of those chest delivered an akamanah/Zariche Blood, not one, we need 48 for a weapon, and not one blood from 10k Chest worth 120 ncoin each (1,2 milion ncoin total) SO can we have a CLEAR explanation on why we have a Reward list (imaginary list) of
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pr_HRJAE4Fk&t=71s I hope you will enjoy it ! did it while waiting for the Queue kept me busy a bit haha!
  6. is Mixa even an OP character in naia that smash everyone in order to Trashtalk everyone or he's a random trying to be famous with something else bcz he suck ingame?
  7. With the multi milions of $$ they earn total worth of ncoin, they can get 150 engineer, but anyways you got my point i think ... There's even Engineers playing L2 that offered their suggestion, help, many of them, they all got ignored, after those players put so much effort in trying to help, u imagine, they got ignored, its really disrespectful.
  8. @Juji @Hime i waited 1 hour to get from 230 to 98 in queue, then i got stuck at 98 for 30 min, how am i supposed to play a game i paid thousands of dollars if you don't let me log? How is that queue even a logic solution to anything? remove that sh1t already
  9. @Hime @Juji Last 50 time u guys added a queue it was never beneffiting anyone or resolved any laag. So why do you guys force us with a queue again? It's unnacceptable to wait more than 1hour to be able to log in, and hope to not get a random Disconnection. THERE are way easier solution, but its time to start and listen the players, they know alot more then what you guys think. Suggestion, feedbacks are never taken into consideration it feels like. Instead of putting a queue, why not temporarily limit 2 client per PC? why not increase server capacity by 500, would be enough
  10. @Juji @Hime Yo GM's hope everything going well by your side Is there any way we have a flash sale on Vit booster, (erupting pot) and other things if u guys are kind we all runned out of those erupting pot, would be a good idea to put them again! alot of income tyty
  11. @Hime @Juji it seems that with current event, we're only benefiting of the 100% xp boost from base xp, but not from the 50% party bonus that was added on top on previous event Exemple: Ketra mob at 1461% boost previous event gave me 64b XP, now it give me 128B xp, but with the 50% bonus it should have been 128B + 128x50% = 192B XP (x3 from base) or maybe NC changed the system and the 50% hunting bonus is just added on top of all other boost which would be not so great considering that 50% added on 1400% is only 4% more XP
  12. Enjoy Thxs all for fighting ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Em0vf7nTyY
  13. Hi @Juji @Hime Is there a way to bring back monthly previews ? it was helpful for ppl to know where to spend or keep their money Can we also have additional info on Sayha Talisman event? God Jewels event? Brooch enchant etc, we're missing those and we should know so we can keep money ^^ ty
  14. Put this company in some ppl with knowledge in the business and in the game, ncwest would have 10 server Heavy and 10x more income from micro transaction, than 10 ppl paying for everyone. simple fact
  15. I will tell you exactly how LUC is working LUC is a Stat that does not Affect Enchant success Rate LUC is a separate stat That has a Chance to Proc in every enchanting system (No compound), It means that more LUC you have, More chance you have to proc The Green leaf above you'r head Even though you'r enchant sucess or fail, LUC can proc at any time, its the reason why it also proc when there is 100% success rate aka on +1-3 weapons etc By exemple: You have 50 LUC, it's low , u will maybe proc the green leaf once out of 20 enchant, More LUC u have more % chance the green lea
  16. "Intended for balance" what balance exactly? people are making a little adena there to survive ingame and they call this balance? only the Ppl who pays 1000$+ in store monthly will pay, and get bored because everyone is gone
  17. @Juji @Hime Hello, with all my respect, we must Realise that korean updates are focused on their servers situations, They have many ppl in the lvl 115-120 Range In NCwest there's not even 20 players lvl 115, and alone in chronos only 4 people are 115, The average lvl in chronos is 109-111 at most, and 90% of the server is still below that lvl This update made the life harder for 99% of the players, and all the new xp spots, team play spots are made for 0,001% of the server, I Don't think it is what you guys aim for, by exemple Swamp of Screams before the update was crowde
  18. Hello NcTeam @Juji @Hime @PhoenixMitra Can we have clear explanation on what's happening please? IOS got nerfed to 180 minute max instead of 360 minute, will the Adena be doubled to compensante the loss? TOI recharge stone removed, annother Adena nerf even for the high lvl players New 115+ Zone but for who are they in the server? i am 111 and mobs are red and i do shit dmg,there are only 5 ppl in server lvl 114+ lol Plunderous Plain Adena nerfed, not in the patchnote, ninja nerf, We want clear explanation on NCWest plan to keep their players playing. /Discu
  19. Why did Mammon magic staff page disapeared from website????
  20. @Hime Thanks for the update hope it brings alot of good things for players Thanks also for the new events! @Hime i also pmed you for something, if you can take 1 min to read it i would appreciate it thxs alot
  21. 15 second angel touch in a 9 minute pvp, stop finding excuses for everything, my friend angel touched me and i told him not to, he did it because Elldo go that Paagrio buff from Domi during the pvp too, he left Combat Zone multiple times too, u can't rely everything on a 15 second angel touch, that's just poor excuses come on
  22. Didnt saved it, it was only 20 second long, totally not worth to show when i messed up skills,jewels etc , if i die in 20 second, and survive 9 min next game, u know that i just fked up in the first game
  23. Back in action! An arranged 1v1 vs Elldorith (114 Feoh Mystic Muse), when trashtalk and Hero shout war gets boring, we go on the field ! Thanks to Elldorith for the fight We did 1-1, First fight was 20 second, he 2 shotted me i wasn't rdy and didnt record it This is the best 1v1 i did since a long time, no 1 shooting, just pure gameplay and skills from both side! Good fight https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U4COqYPi_cY
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