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  1. 1.) Texas 2.) no 3.) randomly every 5-10 minutes, delays of a few seconds up to a minute or 2 4.) changing class (most noticeable) can take up to 2 minutes to change and cant move in the meantime. crafting shots, was able to move around , there was up to 1 minute delay before toon started crafting again
  2. D 845,567,508,240 EXP 253,670,252,472 SP Rim Kamaloka Box (x1) Fragment of Nightmare (x20) F 422,783,754,120 EXP 126,835,126,236 SP Fragment of Nightmare (x5) @Juji am I missing something, lowest Sp we get from completing Rim Kama is 126 BILLION sp, but we are cap at 50 billion, Is there something I missed?
  3. Happy Holidays enjoy time with your families.
  4. The following transformations are missing its textures: Infernal Drake, Unicorn, Dragon Bomber Weapon appearance missing textures: Drako's Dual daggers, Kanadi's Bow
  5. after update you cant convert kamael weapons back to normal
  6. it happens with mains too, but i have only noticed on toons 76+, under 76 no disconnect
  7. Time in map is in game time. 1 hour real life = 6 hours in game. Last I checked (during Daylights Savings) CST game would reset 9:30 am. Olympiad announcement last weekend I think it was around 11 pm CST, i think Olympiad used to last 4 hours, so it should have ended at 3 am. Makes me think 3 am cst = 12 am server time. (this is for Aden Classic Server)
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