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  1. @Juji make fish & all items related to fishing tradeable again
  2. +1 @Juji Please remove this pointless L2 Coin cost. Stop strangling us ffs.
  3. @Juji Elixir powder drop rate is garbage. unrealistic. 1 powder in 17 days and i have a top loa party killing 3000 mobs per hour. Increase the drop rate x10. I can't afford my own shots farming in LOA, let alone all the shots/consumables I need for my supports. Gem A drop rate was reduced 10 times. Random craft herb drop rate is also garbage. increase adena drop rate x3 in DV/LOA/TOI. Restore Gem A drop rate to what it used to be.
  4. @Juji What's the point of a transfer service if we are getting denied transfers of every expensive untradeable item? Pendants, jewels, talismans, etc. Please provide more clarity