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  1. Gratz to the many players who wanted an event like this...basically log in, do nothing, get rewards. My only complaint is that the rewards are kind of "Meh." Is there any chance that you can add Elemental T-shirts to the prize list? I have 3 characters that need them. Or maybe you can do a Flash sale this weekend for the shirts and scrolls? Thanks for listening.
  2. I now can say that I like this event. But I didn't at first. I couldn't enchant to +1 on the first 15 or so scrolls that I tried. I also bought 2 of the Ultimate scroll packs so that I could get the Radiant stones, but only got Noble Stones instead. Seriously, they should have made it possible to combine a Noble stone into a Radiant Stone. But eventually the pendulum swung the other way. Today I opened the remaining enchant scroll chests and received 2 Radiant stones. I sold one, and kept the other for my Radiant circlet, which is now +3. I think I'm going to stop there.
  3. Go GK. I've played both Titan and GK, though, and each has its merits. You don't really need the box SOS to enjoy playing a titan.
  4. Don't delete them. You'll eventually get bored of your main/dual. Everyone does.
  5. Given really basic equipment, I think Wynn, GK, Dagger and Evisc are ok to play PVE.
  6. Maybe the OP is new to the game or forum, but we've had this discussion and debate ad nauseam for years. It reached its height when NCSoft said that we would get some version of a sub to main swap during one update, but they then totally reneged and proposed something other than what we asked -- a split character service, where your main character kept all of the nontradeable stuff that you were hoping to keep on your dual class. In the end, we never got anything. So like the others said, the answer is "No!!!" (from NCSoft) and the only thing that you can do is re-roll and pay out hundred
  7. Well, technically, you need at least one other person there with you in group instance, so you take your main DD + a healer like I do. Or + any class that you want to level. I've done it with ISS and healer. The trick is to get the main boss in a corner, and place your healer just outside range of him while your DD maintains aggro.
  8. Draecke isn't alone. Lots of people not happy. And no, this isn't the first time that changes were made that made some classes irrelevant, while making others completely unplayable. The difference is, this is now an Ncoin driven game. Back then if you changed something drastically, it was just a monthly subscription fee that NCSoft was losing out on when people stopped playing. Now? Too much real life money is invested in characters for people to take these changes lightly. Oh, they'll take them or quit, but between those options expect LOTS of rage and venting.
  9. My question is why do people bother to do it in party when you can just "solo" it with one other character?
  10. I'm hearing lots of complaints in game. People are not happy. More than usual when there is an update. Could this be the straw that broke the camel's back?
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