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  1. Yes, plz revert to 3 clients per PC. The game is joke now, everyone running they own party . Is this how this game should be played from now on ? This is JUST SAD! Everyone who cry about ppl leaving cos of limit is retarded for sure, or is exploiting game to sell adena for cash. Ppl will leave after they see what is happening with this game thats for sure. How sad nolife you need to be to play with yourself in MOBA game, and monitor your bot party if its not dead... This is not investment banking bleep it, that you monitor your toons like if they ware stocks in wall st. Even 3 clients is much, but its understandeble, to have one iss or 2 dwarfs in Aden selling stuff. Beside how a normal player can compete with bot parties which are placed all over the world ? You are forced to join them in this sad activity, and after a while u realize wtf am i doing in here, and then you leave becouse there is no fun no adventuer no nothing, just monitoring your bot party, gr8 idea NCsoft, you turned a game into a bull-sh1t bankster simulator.
  2. Game is unplayable now!

    When is the Lag Event ending ?
  3. Game is unplayable now!

    It feels like its a turn game now, duelist 1500 atk speed and hits 2 times in normal time (1 sec) then it stays for 2 seconds and do nothing.. ?? WTF? It was smooth before the update! Just redo all the steps with auto fighting macro, becouse this is clearly the problem.
  4. Admins, cant you see that you broken the atk speed ?? There is mega lag in between hits, plz fix this asap before server become dead. Everyone is experiencing that, and as little ppl what was doing instances dont! Becouse to make kama with that atk speed it takes years!!!!