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  1. Really Nc? A reward event without the rewards. Venir talisman. 90 frags. Lvl 9 and don't want to chance breaking it. Talisman of speed. Had 11. 7 failed going to +1. 2 failed to +2 and 2 failed to +3. 19 aden talisman boxes. Got 1 to +5 and broke it going to +6. Garbage rates. Maphr does absolutely nothing. Even the in game crafting is ridiculous. I had 4 S items and guess what? It gave me the mithril breastplate ffs. Let's not even talk about regular runes. For a PTW business model it's a joke. People are paying and not winning.
  2. Once one of the best farming skills, now rendered completely unusable. I simply can't use it, it constantly fails. Others have said the same thing, when are we likely to see a fix? It could easily be hot fixed.
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