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  1. Coming from live, I'm aware that archers have a significantly different play style than what I'm used to. With that being said, and from what I've been reading, it seems my two 'viable' choices to pick from are PR or HE (HE's are generally well rounded and PR's are glass cannons).


    Does anyone that has experience with these classes have anything to add that may influence which one I ultimately go with?


    Thanks in advance!

  2. 2 minutes ago, RefundsAreGreat said:

    I am going to start a ticket with the GM's then, to see what happends..



    I bought some NCOIN for this Freya Bag Event, the chances were totally garbage.. I didnt get what I wanted, and everything I got is not worth the money I spent event if you add up are the useless crap that I received and got top adena for it.

    Therefore I request a refund so I can buy into the next event, and "possibly" improve my character better with items.. Since buying NCOIN is to improve my character, and it was not improved with this freya event I demand a refund. I'm paying real $$ for character improvement, and you have provided none worth the amount I spent. 

    Others playing the game have been given more then this. Players should not be able to make an excuse regardless of the context, or situation in a game of chance, is it fair when the GM's intervene? if someone is a day late, a dollar short, etc.. if the rules do not apply to all players, then all players should have the right to request the rules change.. ie, the onetime refund of enchanting weapons. 

    I was busy on the day of castle siege and was unable to cast on a castle for my clan, kindly make me the owner of the castle because I would have taken it if I was there.. my puppy was sick and I have to take it to the vet.. 

    I have yet to enchant my weapon to +20, but I have enough scrolls and stones to do so... I have not however made a character with enough LUC yet because the GM's have refused to move bound items that give +LUC from character to another. Kindly alter my weapon to +20, since it's just a matter of time anyways before I complain enough about your corrupt procedures before you do it anyways. Save yourselves the time of reading all the tickets I'm going to put in to eventually have this done anyways, and lets skip to the part where I can get something instantly.. since that is apparently all GM's are good for.

    Also, please respond about the ticket I sent into the KOR system about what's been going on here, I want to know if anything about your flagrant abuse of power is getting any of you fired.. lolz

    and the reply, or lack of depends on:


    if money spent each event > $500, proceed

    if money spent each event < $500, close ticket


    Sad, honest truth...

  3. 6 hours ago, OmenOfSteel said:

    MAX will soon have a clanhall, also MAX atm fighting without Castle passives. Guys remember what happend when DH was without castle passives? They said "no PVP without these skills", so we (RisingSun) had to give them Rune Castle for free or they wouldn't have PVPed at all anymore, haha xD


    Hahaha...this random doesn't even know the name of the clan he says he was in. History lesson for the children on the server...the clan was RisingStar, not RisingSun. 

    ....if you're gonna try and throw facts around for propaganda at least make sure it's accurate or the lemmings you're addressing will see through your facade. 

  4. 1 hour ago, ChiChele said:

    yea i dont disagree but also there is one more guide with another archer who is boosted 100++ ghost sentinel. so thats why i said 85 + is preety enough cause now with new cloaks and accessories already loossing -5 dex 

    Can you link video please?

  5. 6 minutes ago, Mukmuk said:

    A bit contradicting... can i still submit my application today the 18th or not?

    Faster to log in and see if you can do it or not than waiting for them to reply.

  6. 23 hours ago, Afum said:

    You've farmed dead server for very very long time , I'm sure you have some adena to buy new one :D:D 


    20 hours ago, BurnCycle said:

    For me  (or anyone else) to buy a new one there has to be one on sale. In Freya there is barely any CH on sale so i imagine that's even worst in Naia.


    2 hours ago, meskiukas said:

    Clan halls will be big problem after merge i bet in naia like in freya there is a lot of dead box clans who still keep their ch and after merge it will be impossible to get ch if you are from freya or some guys just will try to sell them for insane amount of money.

    There are several clan halls for sale on Naia...you just need to be prepared to pay the right price. 


    Oh, also..... wts Navigatos clan name.

  7. I don't understand why the delay on the freya/naia merge. They know exactly how to do it, they just did it with chronos/zaken. There is literally nothing for them to "figure out".....


    It's so bad on freya now that dh even has 4-5 cp's here farming raids and dragons. 

  8. 16 hours ago, Quitted said:

    Trust me temperance i've lost any interest at all in l2 ncwest politics ....

    16 hours later................

    22 minutes ago, Quitted said:

    There is no day on chronos in which the sun rises without there being a new drama

    - Diego, the bad attitude healer [oh well he is the chronos demi-god healer but do not tell him because he will get cocky] is worried about his friend iPeppinio's health and called the greek 911 to check it out http://www.lifelinehellas.gr/τι-κάνουμε/γραμμή-sos-1065/

    - Chronos aden castle siege 4.15.2018 [will ms manage to get it finally? (mixa would say "is more likely alicia vikander will text aizen asking for a date")]

    I chose the name of the weekly "Chronos Post" and in the first issue there will be an interview with the two clan leaders interested by most of the dramas. Evey and Zureil. Later on I will post the interview rules. I will ask to Yidao some impression about what's we can expect in the months to come aswell. I will ask to Draecke and Katrise to post their tips for the nubz tanks aswell.
    In short, it is 10 questions that will be asked to the top dogs on duty.
    If at the end of the 10 questions the top dogs will want there will be two bonus questions.
    The full text of the answers will be saved on video in such a way that everyone can check the impartiality of the journalist.
    The top dogs can have two screenshots inserted in the article concerning them
    - the first screenshot is about his current character
    - the second screenshot is about a particular moment where the top dog is particularly fond of

    The top dog can always refuse to answer any question with a simple "no comment".
    No question will be aggressive or hostile [oh well i bet aizen's interview will be a special one :) ]

    Hypocritical much? 

  9. I think Dustbag needs a course on quoting people (Caesar in your video)


    When you quote someone bro...make sure you put exactly what they said inside the quotes, not your own translation of what they said..otherwise it's not a quote.


    If I say to you "Dustbag, you really aren't a good healer". You can't quote me as saying "Dustpag you are not a good healer". Get it?

  10. quitted..you're a lying, hypocritical idiot. I know who you are and unfortunately you're in my clan, but you haven't quit this game like you lied about and there's a reason no one ever wants you in their party (much less their cp)...you talk too much sh*t and don't know how to play your char.


    Aizen...much respect to you bro, but please, please use at least a comma and/or period every once in a while. :P

  11. 3 hours ago, OmenOfSteel said:

    Any new P2W-only item planned anytime soon?

    Would be nice to tell us in advance @Conguero so all the ppl. on the brink of leaving this game due to your P2W madness can quit right now and will save the time waiting, thank you.

    Two things:

    1. You, and everyone else here, know for a fact that there will be more l2store events. Go ahead and let those people that you know (who are on the brink of quitting)know this since they can't rationalize this simple concept on their own.

    2. Those ppl on the brink? Yeah..the ones that don't spend any money anymore? They don't matter...so if they DO quit like you say they will...there's no loss of revenue anyway so...bye. :)

  12. I'm having disconnect issues when I leave the game on but I'm away from computer, but ONLY when the game's minimized or not the main focus on the screen. 


    For example, I set up my shop, minimize game (or even just open up chrome) and browse whatever, then go to bed. In the morning I will have disconnected not long after i went to bed.


    But, if I open shop and leave game right there on my screen and just turn off monitor I will not disconnect.


    Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this?

  13. 1 hour ago, OmenOfSteel said:

    randomly blame someone with something to distract from the deep sh1t your clan is in ?

    Fail :P

    This whole attempt by the dh haters to "punish" them, or whatever you're trying to do, is feeble.

    I can promise you that anyone who's played this game long enough has been in a clan(s) that has had botters in it, regardless if the clan leaders know about it or not.

    I can promise you that anyone who's played this game long enough has been in parties with botters, regardless if you knew about it or not.

    I can also promise you that a lot of the people in this thread who are shaming on dh for having a botter in their clan (who, by the way, was dismissed immediately after the video surfaced from what I'm gathering) have botted in the past back when it was rampant (myself included).

    I also know for a fact (I was in a ts with him while he was setting up his script) that one very notable dagger that's posting in this thread was, and still is, a botter.

    DH, Max, Nova, MS..all the big clans (and of course smaller clans) botted...that's a fact..happy now?

    It's a part of lineage, get over your own holiness and move on.



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