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  1. I can do that...no problem. Thanks for your advice. Which do you think would be better to trio with: Archer/BD/SWS ...using 2nd class change buff scrolls -or- Archer/PP/BD ..usimg pp buffs with zerk when he gets it.
  2. Yeah I know, but i started the bd and sws too late. My archer is 45.... Im trying to get the 2boxes to 40'ish as fast as possible...
  3. Im starting a bd and sws to box with my archer (45). Whats the fastest way to get them both to 40+ in a trio? I was thinking a mage for the damage but wasn't convinced that this was the fastest way...any suggestions?
  4. I dont see them in the l2 store...am I missing something?
  5. Coming from live, I'm aware that archers have a significantly different play style than what I'm used to. With that being said, and from what I've been reading, it seems my two 'viable' choices to pick from are PR or HE (HE's are generally well rounded and PR's are glass cannons). Does anyone that has experience with these classes have anything to add that may influence which one I ultimately go with? Thanks in advance!
  6. Type in game /mybirthday and then post screenshot of your characters birthday. You'll figure it out then....
  7. and the reply, or lack of depends on: if money spent each event > $500, proceed if money spent each event < $500, close ticket Sad, honest truth...
  8. My God omen...get a life dude. You absolutely LIVE to trash all of DH and Im sure when you saw that he was banned from youtube you got wood. You seriously have a man crush on exe don't you. Youre such a f*c*ing idiot.
  9. WTFast Logitech Gaming Software Teamviewer Overwolf Bandicam
  10. Hahaha...this random doesn't even know the name of the clan he says he was in. History lesson for the children on the server...the clan was RisingStar, not RisingSun. ....if you're gonna try and throw facts around for propaganda at least make sure it's accurate or the lemmings you're addressing will see through your facade.
  11. Can you link video please?
  12. Faster to log in and see if you can do it or not than waiting for them to reply.
  13. There are several clan halls for sale on Naia...you just need to be prepared to pay the right price. Oh, also..... wts Navigatos clan name.
  14. We all know VN and llll will transfer back to freya so they can go to naia and try there...
  15. I don't understand why the delay on the freya/naia merge. They know exactly how to do it, they just did it with chronos/zaken. There is literally nothing for them to "figure out"..... It's so bad on freya now that dh even has 4-5 cp's here farming raids and dragons.
  16. Will existing Hero Coins be deleted or will we keep them?
  17. 16 hours later................ Hypocritical much?
  18. I think Dustbag needs a course on quoting people (Caesar in your video) When you quote someone bro...make sure you put exactly what they said inside the quotes, not your own translation of what they said..otherwise it's not a quote. If I say to you "Dustbag, you really aren't a good healer". You can't quote me as saying "Dustpag you are not a good healer". Get it?
  19. quitted..you're a lying, hypocritical idiot. I know who you are and unfortunately you're in my clan, but you haven't quit this game like you lied about and there's a reason no one ever wants you in their party (much less their cp)...you talk too much sh*t and don't know how to play your char. Aizen...much respect to you bro, but please, please use at least a comma and/or period every once in a while.
  20. Two things: 1. You, and everyone else here, know for a fact that there will be more l2store events. Go ahead and let those people that you know (who are on the brink of quitting)know this since they can't rationalize this simple concept on their own. 2. Those ppl on the brink? Yeah..the ones that don't spend any money anymore? They don't matter...so if they DO quit like you say they will...there's no loss of revenue anyway so...bye.
  21. Pk1 didn’t quit, he reroll. And he change class because he spend waaaaay to much rmt money on feoh and still weak in pvp.
  22. I'm having disconnect issues when I leave the game on but I'm away from computer, but ONLY when the game's minimized or not the main focus on the screen. For example, I set up my shop, minimize game (or even just open up chrome) and browse whatever, then go to bed. In the morning I will have disconnected not long after i went to bed. But, if I open shop and leave game right there on my screen and just turn off monitor I will not disconnect. Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this?
  23. This whole attempt by the dh haters to "punish" them, or whatever you're trying to do, is feeble. I can promise you that anyone who's played this game long enough has been in a clan(s) that has had botters in it, regardless if the clan leaders know about it or not. I can promise you that anyone who's played this game long enough has been in parties with botters, regardless if you knew about it or not. I can also promise you that a lot of the people in this thread who are shaming on dh for having a botter in their clan (who, by the way, was dismissed immediately after the video s
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