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  1. Do you know how ddos works? When you turned on ranks you turned on ddos on your servers
  2. NPC Santiago Super Advanced Seed Bracelet Stage 4 item exchange was added to NPC Santiago. Does this feature work?
  3. Macros

    thanks for the answer, you can close the topic
  4. Macros

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WaJjdbTlg6A&feature=youtu.be Tell me how to configure the macro so that it runs like in this video. sorry for the poor quality
  5. great events! when you already make the sale of weapons of dragons without a lottery? thank you for making the game so that the new player without a credit card the game was closed
  6. Dear administration, it would be better if you updated the game with such speed with which you fill in a new donat.
  7. I will tell you a secret. Jewelry must be sold by the blacksmith mammon