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  1. Level penalties!

    @Juji could you pay attention to this case?
  2. Permanent Melee lag is the end of TYR

    A really bad situation that has been going on for months! The NC should take precautionary action! @Juji is there any way to explain this failure?
  3. Level penalties!

    When I talk about high level players I usually talk about items like Lenel! The situation I mention is player lv 110 in arras 103 full teams!
  4. Level penalties!

    How would they do it if they don't have farm areas to get the coins? Full gear palyers take the place of players without items!
  5. Level penalties!

    players with few items have no option for farm areas! The few that exist are populated by 109+ players!
  6. Level penalties!

    Do the following then give up all your items and exalted farm in low level areas!
  7. Level penalties!

    Several high level players take advantage of weak areas leaving low level players with nowhere to farm xp! Could any GM review this?
  8. Caster to Retri = Lower M Attack ?

    Why is your M atak so low?
  9. PK DROP ?

    Letting people know that certain systems will be activated is the minimum! @Juji @Hime
  10. PK DROP ?

    @Juji or @Hime could you explain it?
  11. PK DROP ?

    Has item drop by pk been activated?
  12. Much of that system should be revised!
  13. Discord

  14. Existem vários relatórios de pessoas que não conseguem se conectar ao site! Many are redirected to the homepage after trying to connect! Anyone else with this problem?
  15. Change dual class to main

    a great idea! It would give people a chance to improve their character!