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  1. PK & Shots

    drop and pick up?
  2. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, August 21, 2019

    I'm from Europe, playing on Naia, somedays it's impossible to play with so much delay. My internet connection: 500/100mb So clearly not a problem of ISP but rather a server problem, because I've never experienced any lag since I started playing in 2015, only after the supplemental update.
  3. Client Performance Lost

    Fixed with the removal of auto-hunting feature.
  4. Lag issue when using macro [LOW-FPS]

    With the removal of the automatic hunt system, I confirm this is no longer an issue. I left my char farming all night and when I came to my PC I had no performance loss at all. That's probably what's affecting NC Servers, so you must find a way to optimize the system
  5. Lag issue when using macro [LOW-FPS]

    That's my problem Good that some1 atleast confirmed the situation instead of whining about lag from server
  6. Client Performance Lost

    @Juji @Hime Hi! When I leave character on macro for a few hours the performance on the client killing the mobs is greatly affected to the point it runs at 2 to 5fps while other clients (iss, heal, box afk) has no performance losses. Thanks

    As title says I have to trade: Amaranthine Retributer +4, SA: Might lvl 5, 270 Wind Attribute I trade for R99 Fists, can be clean as long as you add something to the trade. Pm Ingame: Nightw1sh, Euph0ria, Alon3ibreak