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  1. how can we play on the Euro server? is it a different client download?
  2. LOL try playing AION.. talk about special Treatment.. this game isn't that bad..
  3. I noticed NCSoft is making changes on the Fly.. the instances used to be easier now are much harder as someone stated before - why ? I don't have a clue we need to keep making progress NCSoft please don't take that away from us :).
  4. SO let me get this straight you would prefer a Dead and dying server? or a healthy server? Just asking - I thinks its really nice going from 1600 to over 3k even if they are afk ncsoft botting. I think this really cool of NCSoft a lot of old school players are coming back to play - Clobber? others as well. I think I am glitching today LOL
  5. I wonder if large clan members or a clan will be able to use the castle SOE on Swords Drop - all clan members ungears, and have there clan members or friends farm them for adena? Please look into this exploit? maybe or maybe not.
  6. I have to crack up here. did you guys and gals notice how they are trying to market Orphan? lets see how you guys can handle the new Orphan, can you do it can you take her down , well what audience are they talking to? the 1 billion "kidding about money spent but you might get what I am saying here $$ Play to win people" haha the rest of you scum , can just sit back, and drool. We will only reward those that pay the Big Bucks $$$..
  7. What a Bloody Mess.. NCHard has made.
  8. To add insult to injury here at least give us quests to upgrade our gear to meet End Game content without grinding for years.. Take a play book out of your AION buddies and do something right you guys hold the keys to success or failure. seems like you have failed your Game Clients way to many times.
  9. Sooo..the XP table has changed? but no mention about gear? can we use lvl 85 gear at lvl 106? it seems that gear is a major issue MR or MISS GM or NCHARD...to get gear up in this game. This game is so backwards for most players.
  10. Wait.. lvl 75? I think this might be a different GAME LOL... sorry AION PWND... my bad.. hahahahha.
  11. From July 18 to July 25, earn XP at 4X the rate to get to your characters to level 75 or get started on an alternate character. The bonus XP event will begin after the maintenance on July 18 and end at 6:00 AM server time on July 25. Make plans today and take advantage of this special XP boost event! someone told me that this was going to happen. I got all excited.. sad Face.. BOOOO..
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