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  1. hello, do you play on giran server?
  2. recruiting again, currently have 15 slots!! clan still lv4 but 15% xp/sp +skills leave comment here, mail or "Maeker
  3. its an important feature in a game like lineage 2, whit the upcoming changes we dont know where get full plate parts and avadon robe design are you gona start use same server files as EU l2??? so we can use l2wiki??
  4. Now Clan lv4 15% xp passive, recruiting active players pm/mail Maeker
  5. recruitment closed at the moment, will update
  6. abandoned camp for varnish, iron and steel
  7. can u at least log 30 minutes on the days you cant play much? we a lvl3 full skills clan whit 3 slots in Giran
  8. We Have 3 Slots for new members at the moment pm/mail Maeker
  9. Clan OldSchool is recruiting active players from Giran server we offer 10% xp + skills, daily rewards and a active clan chat and discord server pm or mail Maeker for info or invite Have Fun!!
  10. Thank You for making lineage2 free to play, thank you for classic servers, thank you for events!!!
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