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  1. Red libra question for GM's

    They are aware about this issue (click me)
  2. isle of souls quests

    Hello, 1st Alt+M -> open map and go to quest area highlighted with yellow circle. 2nd Find and kill Control Golem, there is a chance after death to spawn Berserk Control Golem 3rd Kill Berserk Control Golem(s) to obtain the quest item(s).
  3. Red libra question for GM's

    Personally tested with another account, so you keep: 1) skills learned with forgotten books 2) extra buff slots, learned with ancient book: divine inspiration (beginner & intermediate) 3) divine expansion (8 rune stones) 4) current level & % xp 5) revelation skills
  4. Excellent! Good job!
  5. Tyrr Maestro is asking about dualclass.

    No, negative! Othell is not the proper dual class for Tyrr Maestro. You should bear in mind equipment (set, weapon) and dual skills to be proper for both - main and dual class. Your mistake is very expensive, especially when you have to buy Dark/bloody sets & weapons for Tyrr & Othell. If you are using Stormer (Pike) & Heavy Set, you should chose Tyrr Dreadnought, in order to use the same weapon and set for both. If you are using Blunt (+hp) and shield, I will recommend you for dual - TANK. I believe you catch what I mean... So, choose carefully!
  6. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, July 10, 2019

    @Juji About Red Libra, when players change their dual class, they should receive Immortal scrolls, equal to the skills' enchanted. Also some skills required rune stones, if the players already paid, why they should pay again?
  7. Change dual class to main

    Hello there, Could you please explain me why don't you play only with your dual class? Which quest / instance require only to pass it with your main class?
  8. Phoenix Blood is a crafting material for Divine Protection Elixir.