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  1. No it is not! GMT time is not changing . You have a link above. Why don't you click it and add 1 hr. Will be 5 p.m, NOT 6 p.m
  2. @Hime WTF is that? Learn GMT time pls and don't write bull**s_hits? 6 p.m (GMT+1) is not in 20 mints, dear!!! https://time.is/en/UTC
  3. @Himeuse this - https://time.is/en/UTC
  4. The Best tank? Visa/Master/Maestro Card tank with a powerful PayPal skill.
  5. @Hime for 600 NCoins, not 25, but 250 roses you should give...
  6. Every 40 mints appearing as buff: Creates a protective barrier that absorbs 75,000 damage for 15 sec.
  7. In order to play normally you need Prestige + Destiny Packs and it doesn't matter what kind of class you play. Even 1 of your PT to miss those packs, all the bonuses goes in hell. Prestige Pack is a must! 20% cd +10% max HP is a great boost for DD & support classes and you all know how important is 300% adena drop rate . So forget that crap - some of the family members to miss it cuz they play with the same IP address and some kid in forum wants to reduce adena incomes for all servers. /bye
  8. A family playing L2 from different PC/Laptop will use only 1 Prestige Pack by turn?
  9. Changed the visual appearance of cloaks on Ertheia: https://i.ibb.co/Fqnm4Wx/Shot00003.jpg https://i.ibb.co/zG1mkGh/Shot00004.jpg Only class cloaks!
  10. That appearance is visible only with Ertheia class cloaks for Evi and Sayha
  11. Changed the visual appearance of cloaks on Ertheia: https://i.ibb.co/Fqnm4Wx/Shot00003.jpg https://i.ibb.co/zG1mkGh/Shot00004.jpg
  12. The collection's requirements are too high for the casual players. Usually people are hunting with +10/+12 R99/R110 weapons, how the hell to add +20 in the collection's trash bin? And the bonuses applied for all those destroyed items are ridiculous.
  13. Obviously the event is not worthy.
  14. Mysterious No-grade Soulshot (x100,000) Mysterious Blessed No-grade Spiritshot (x50,000) will be removed from L2store and "Hello" standard No-grade shots from Grocery shop, HEAVY as hell! These zero-weight shots were perfect for Emperor Shunaiman's Weapon Set Pack (30-day) and I see no reason to be removed.
  15. They are aware about this issue (click me)
  16. Hello, 1st Alt+M -> open map and go to quest area highlighted with yellow circle. 2nd Find and kill Control Golem, there is a chance after death to spawn Berserk Control Golem 3rd Kill Berserk Control Golem(s) to obtain the quest item(s).
  17. Personally tested with another account, so you keep: 1) skills learned with forgotten books 2) extra buff slots, learned with ancient book: divine inspiration (beginner & intermediate) 3) divine expansion (8 rune stones) 4) current level & % xp 5) revelation skills
  18. No, negative! Othell is not the proper dual class for Tyrr Maestro. You should bear in mind equipment (set, weapon) and dual skills to be proper for both - main and dual class. Your mistake is very expensive, especially when you have to buy Dark/bloody sets & weapons for Tyrr & Othell. If you are using Stormer (Pike) & Heavy Set, you should chose Tyrr Dreadnought, in order to use the same weapon and set for both. If you are using Blunt (+hp) and shield, I will recommend you for dual - TANK. I believe you catch what I mean... So, choose carefully!
  19. @Juji About Red Libra, when players change their dual class, they should receive Immortal scrolls, equal to the skills' enchanted. Also some skills required rune stones, if the players already paid, why they should pay again?
  20. Hello there, Could you please explain me why don't you play only with your dual class? Which quest / instance require only to pass it with your main class?
  21. Phoenix Blood is a crafting material for Divine Protection Elixir.
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