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  1. WTB +10-12 BLOODY R99 BOW

    Title says it all, leave reply here and we talk in game. Thanks
  2. Really pointing out math mistakes when you can't even spell correctly? I mean what kind of brake are you giving him? Like the types of brakes in your car? Or do you mean break? Pshhh
  3. I agree that they should change the Karma system to the way it was before. The way it works not kinda makes the karma system useless. It seems way to easy to work off than before, and the fact that they NEVER drop items when killed with karma means there is no punishment for killing other players. I loved the karma system of the old days, and it should have never changed. I know everyones rebuttal is "its a pvp game your care bear". There is no RISK involved anymore with gaining karma and killing other players and that seriously hinders the karma system all together.
  4. patack/mskillcrit damage?

    I get confused on the tool tips sometimes, So does that mean it gives p atk crit damage and m skill crit damage? Or P atk skill crit? Since ive noticed other just outright says p skill instead.