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  1. According to wiki: skill Kat lvl 14 is from lvl 66 -> your Kat has lvl 68 and is too low for you at 79. On lvl 74 you were able to learn skill Kat lvl 18 (maximum), so the cat would be lvl 76 and still ok to recharge you more. So as I mentioned before: learn a higher lvl of your Kat (if you have enough SP for that).
  2. What is your class, what is your level and what is your Kat level? I guess that your level is higher than level of your Kat. If you are a warlock, learn higher lvl of your Kat, if you are necromancer / sorcerer with lvl 50+ dont use Kat or be content with what mana it can give. You can get more mana by learning "higher mana gain" skill too.
  3. Auto-attack disabling after a while

    You are probably hunting Cruma monsters that can teleport you. While they do that, you lost your autoattack. So afaik you have two options: go hunt elsewhere, where the monsters dont have this teleport skill. Or: make your archer independent on autoattack - you can set autoattack on some other char and make your archer just assist him.
  4. Elemental Necklace Bug

    so you got defense +100 against a water attack. Is there some other wiki where the "attack rate" is mentioned too?
  5. new quivers

    You can get a quiver from some events only - one of them ongoing now. Just drop some event coins and try your luck with NPC Oriana in a city. The chance is "very low" though (what ever that means).
  6. Information

    There is this wiki. You can get some info here, but be warned, its officially stated as inaccurate. (E.g. all the item drop/spoil chances)
  7. TEXTURE OF MOBS and PET-giran

    Textures of mobs and pets not showing to me too (as shown in picture above). There are people that do not suffer from this bug however...
  8. New Quests - reward?

    Well reconsideration was only a notice, a P.S., ... The question was: why did I not get the reward after doing the quests?
  9. Hello, according to patch notes, in the part Quests: I completed all three quests on my char HarryII (Ant Nest Exploration, Secret Garden, Death in the Corridor), but got nothing but XP and SP. Where is the problem? Btw. Could be possible to strike max lvl restrictions for the new quests, so my main char could get a Brooch too? Or where else have I the chance to get it? Thanks