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  1. Masterbook

    Thats what the latest patch notes say...
  2. query

    No, it simply does not exist in this version of game.
  3. Question

    And are you sure both of your characters are on the same server?
  4. Question

    If you are trying to write the name, check the spelling. You can invite someone to your party while clicking on the character and the "invite" picture in "actions" pannel.
  5. Ad 6.) Clan UI: characters on the same account "share" their daily login reward window in a weird way: if I loot the clan login reward with one character and log in another, the reward on the second character cannot be looted (the UI shows it as looted already on the second character too). Open and close the Clan window does not help. Clan member login count: I cannot see what characters contributed to the login reward, with the amount of people quitting would be nice to have more information, like the date of last login e.g. (so I can kick inactives) Leveling up a clan: would be nice to have some way for new players and lower levels to contribute to leveling up a clan. In a clan unable doing elemental bosses or even clan arena, how shall we earn points? Clan lvl 3 now, I noticed we got like 10 points out of 4000(?) towards lvl 4 - so I miss any info how we got them? Hunting some monsters? RBs? Ad 1.) Hunting zones etc: from the view of low lvl, casual player: there is little to do, not exactly fun. I was looking for another "big" update to bring some new content - especially some that needs active people. This update brought no new content, just some areas got higher lvl mobs. (Having characters with lvls 50-75, nothing changed for us. I found no spot to try the new Cruma). I remember many locations from the "good old times" that you already must have somewhere programmed, so what about fortresses? Dark cloud mansion and the whole Isle of prayer series? Innadril / Rune / Schuttgart areas? Dimensional rift (and lower lvl catas/necropolises)? Ice queen castle instance (not Freya, but the 60 lvl one). All the quests that were part of the game once ... Surely you can adapt mobs lvls, drop, difficulity, ...
  6. clan points

    The only way I found are the missions ("clan" tab), that means killing RBs in clan arena or killing elemental bosses (Ignis, Nebula, Procella, Petram). So no way how to level up a clan if you are not able to kill those (low lvls / equip, too few people or st. like that) 😥
  7. What is a clan mark?

    Clan Mark is the picture,that is shown on clan shields.
  8. Quiver S

    Well ... ever heard about ... arrows? 😁 (these?) Sure, a quiver provides more comfort though.
  9. What to do after lvl 40

    There is the Aden dungeon for lvls 40-51: speak with NPC in front of the Armor shop. And there is the red gem quest from lvl 55. The quests are replaced by daily missions, but nothing more. 😥 Since the autohunting feature its very hard to find a party to exp so basically everyone plays on more windows with their own buffers.
  10. Disconnects every 24/h

    Your instructions are misleading and thats bad. You can follow my picture - every step you wrote is one of my circles as I was trying to follow your instructions. Nearly all of your steps had no 100% match in the names I could see, but there are many versions of Win10 around so I followed as good as I could: Windows 10 - I supposed general settings, what else? so press Win+I Network Settings - there is a setting called "Network & Internet" so I took it Adapter Properties - great, there is something called "Change adapter options", go for it Ethernet Properties - ah, took me in the old options, there is an icon called "Ethernet", good Advanced - nothing like this, so perhaps he meant context menu / advanced menu / right-click menu? try it Turn off ---> Allow computer to disable this device - ah, here is the disable option (you see I am already three and two steps ahead from looking for some "properties") From your last reply it seems you meant: change step 5.: from context menu select Properties ("idiotetes" on your first screen) insert new step 6.: Click Configure ("parametroi" in your second screen) insert new step 7.: select card Power management ("diacheirion energeias" in your third screen) now step 8, which is what you described as step 6 before. And now tell me, how shall any poor soul find out (following your instructions) these steps 5, 6 and 7? So yes, in a few more clicks you really can find the menu you probably meant (and in a few more clicks you can find dozen of menus you did not meant 😁), but again: your instructions are misleading and, by all good will, what your description lead me to was a total disaster 😎. And think about all language possibilities the user around world have: I suppose many of them ended on the same setting I showed you. The worst thing is the number of steps you gave, what apology do you have for this? You have to be carefull how you instruct, as this is a great example of instructions given with good intentions (at least I hope so now) but leading to something very, very bad ...
  11. Disconnects every 24/h

    Well boy, let others decide who shows more ignorance here... 😉 What you show is done in the device manager, as you can see yourself in your picture. Lets have a look what you wrote before and where will that take us: So I have no idea what your first language is, my is definitely not english. But for this cause, I switched my computer to english to show you, where your path led me: https://imgur.com/a/gQdbpWe Disabling this on my computer with no WiFi would efficiently cut me off from internet. My Win10 version is 1909, so details may differ. If you are trolling I find it not funny, some people may take your advice and its on a niveau of "magic shortcut ALT+F4 solves all your problems". Ha, ha, ha, ... ehm 😎
  12. Disconnects every 24/h

    So you disable your computer from using Ethernet connection? You have to be connected to internet in some other way then (Wi-Fi e.g.). This "solution" cannot work on computers where Ethernet is your only way to internet ... If you have multiple internet connections and you think the problem is caused because of this, try disable other devices (like Wireless adapter etc.) and leave your Ethernet be (I suppose Ethernet to be your "strongest" connection).
  13. How can i get Recipe: Metallic Thread?

    well, took me 3 chars to go through that area :-) so yes, its a hard one to get.
  14. How can i get Recipe: Metallic Thread?

    https://l2wiki.com/classic/Recipe:_Metallic_Thread#Drop Drops it (I got it myself from this mob).
  15. English is not my first language (actually more like 4th or 5th or somewhere around), but I suppose you had to confirm the transfer. If you think that the word "Now" in your response counts as confirmation, I seriously doubt that they understood it this way 😎. I dont know if you wrote another message, but if you did not, then simply write and make clear, that you really want the transfer.