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  1. Well I always wanted to leave this game once and for all but something dragged me into it, but now I can feel that I can go. I have been playing this game since 2009. I quit two times before and started over, but now it was it. At least this Server. Good luck with bots. Oh and by the way, Ambicija, thank you, you are the best. Best regards from Georgia - a country with regions occupied and scorched by Russia.
  2. I discovered that in Keucereus Alliance Base quests connected to Star Stone gathering with help of Aura Bird disappeared. I tried to get quests from Lekon to learn using Aura Bird but old quest called Good Day to Fly disappeared. I think it was very interesting and fun to gather star stones with birds and get a small amount of Adena from it. So I recommend to get back that quests or renew the whole concept of Star Stone gathering process.
  3. Hi guys. This is my first topic here. I finally got lvl99 and bought Eternal Armor. But I found out that it can be bestowed as a defence or attack type. I want to have an attack-type so how to do it? Please explain to me.
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