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  1. @JujiSo the event mask are time limited only, if you get it to +10not even permanent?
  2. I'm also having problems with the pass from ncstore, it should reset at 6:30am server time like everything else, but I have to wait almost 24 hous to buy a new one, so if I want to do the instance today at night 2 times and repeat it in the morning, I'll have to wait to do it again until night to buy the pass, extend it at least one week, there has been days i cant login because of work and im losing mark to get at least a good bracelet.
  3. Just by curiosity were you doing COC?
  4. So you cant still control the bots? also player abuse? it still needs time to get the rewards you really cant let ppl make some adena in game with legal ways, but you should erase the zariche rewards too, there is a lot of player abuse on that.
  5. Just check using my R99 set on my lvl 85 feoh and there is no grade penalty
  6. I feel robbed too, you mention that you can use 4 boost to maximize your xp when fishing, but you can only use 3, and besides that fishing fails 25% of the baits. I don't know what you think about it, but if I pay for something I expect it to work at 100%, it's my money what im putting on the table, or what will you do if when I'm using my credit card to buy ncoins it gives you only the 75% of the money you ask for each pack?
  7. Actually I was expecting this to happen, it was very unfair to me as healer, not being able to use pom because i erased it long time ago when i started to play, and see healer having that buff and getting advantage other the others.
  8. I'll make you an offer that you can refuse. https://imgur.com/a/P0lpXn0
  9. You forgot to mention that healer buffs were going to be affected by the update, but i don't see any notes on the official patch notes, its nice that healer can buff all pt with its buffs, but Resistance of saha now gives resistance to elemental attibutes, before was giving stun resistance along with others, now the abnormal status resistance went to blessing of saha buff but you erase stun resistance, was this intentional or a mistake? because if youre going to take away buffs for stun resistance (having in mind that even feohs can stun now) then you should also low the land rate of stun on a
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