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  1. The launcher dont send me the email with the verification code to log. What happend, problem again???
  2. I think is more a problem of the server.
  3. I have Movistar, but only have problem with ncsoft.
  4. Now i cant connect, the launcher kick me out.
  5. The server is now too lag, apparently is for the people who play from Chile, a lot of friends, clan members and CP are experiment a lot of lag, we see the game like photos and disconnect the accounts. This kind of lag has never happened to me. I dont have problem with the internet, now i can play other games online, see youtube, netflix, etc. without any problems. This is the best hour for latin people in Naia server.
  6. You answer kills the cloak event. If you dont have the stable scroll its not worth buying the packs and spending money, the same stupid event like the last circlet event. Who es the brillant mind that creates these events??? Bad event = ppl dont spend in ncoin
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