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  1. Soulshot is bug

    This works, but just manually 1 by 1, automatic is disabled, at least in my case for spiritshots and blessed spiritshots for a mage, soulshots works
  2. Does it works for Warcryers and Doomcryers? The can cure an ammount of hp in 10 seconds but with Aeore's lvl 6 will heal +35 per second or just 3,5 per second?
  3. Recipe Soulshot C removed ?

    Don't really know if were removed, there was changes in drop and behaviour of some mobs, but there's a big new too, now there's blessed soulshots to craft and you can get the recipes farming or spoiling, don't ask where, i still can't get normal soulshot C
  4. Saving Adena?

    Depends more than anything in your weapon, basically killing fast and in less hits because you'll need shots and they are always expensive. I think if you can do 2M for week right now, then you could waste 4M and buy 15 day's B+10 weapons from Red Libra event, will be very useful when you lost your duals.
  5. Red's weapon tickets

    Chance for doing the quest.
  6. Where to get recipes

    Guys. What you mean with "SS", SoulShot or SpiritShot? Both are "SS", I get here looking for Recipe: Soulshot C and I'm not sure if I get it
  7. Useless quest?

    Are you kiddin' me In the time I need to walk I could just kill more mobs in there, killing just 10 Spore Zombie give me 3040a - 7090a, the quest is a waste of time and time is adena.
  8. Healer Macro// Fast Helping

    Again, don't press the auto attack because that way your healer... auto ATTACK Just make the macro, for ex: /target %self /useskill heal /target %party2 /useskill heal /Target %Party1 /useskill heal /attack /delay 300 Save, put the macro in the shortcut bar where you put all your skills and right click
  9. How Open 2 Accounts

    LOL, I still used old client to do it :V
  10. Drop in cruma.

    Check the wiki, Porta and Premo give only exp/sp