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  1. Ancient Cloaks 7/25/2018

    35 regular enchants left me with a +2 cloak. Highest was +5. So many fails at +2 or +3 its not even funny. So about $50 down the drain for nothing. I did not expect a legendary or more than +10, but +2 after 35 tries? I do not mind spending $50 a couple times a year for something I would play often. But I'll be damned if I am going to chase this lottery. You cannot get gear in game anymore without spending a lot of real money on the scam lottery of the cash store. I would pay $50 outright for a +10 cloak, if I really wanted it - but not hundreds of $ on a chance.

    I have been leveling up my dual class during Red Libra, so I have been in Bloody Swampland / Fairies / Isle of Souls / Seal of Shiliean areas. All the places on Freya that did not have many bots, they are swarms of them in those places on Naia. Go to the fairies just to the right side and down from the Kimerian cavern waterfall. It is a 24/7 trains of fairies everywhere. One side benefit is, it is easy to do your 250 count Red Libra if you have AE spells. Isle of Souls is also pretty plagued with bots / afk macroers- even in the far spots near Kamel village that were always empty on Freya.

    I don't know why the game shows zero characters @ the log in screen on the new server atter a merge. This has happened to me 2x. I remembered the last time, so I logged into the new server & BAM my characters "suddenly" appeared.
  4. PVP Noob Question

    I admit that I suck at pvp & do not fully understand all that is going on. But I have been trying to learn. There are so many potions, gimmicks, etc allowed in PVP in this game it is hard to figure out often why you did not win. Twice in the Olympiad I have had a different eviscerator to 0 health. No red showing in health bar at all. They were not under immunity (no immune messages). I stood there doing damage to them, and they would not die. They can do damage to me & I died. What was this?
  5. Kartia Extra Pass Issue

    Yeah the 1 NCoin one. Oh well, I guess I wait for the reset. Thnks.
  6. I am on my dual class character (lvl 87) & just finished Kartia solo 85. I bought an Extra Pass: Kartia's Ancient Labyrinth so that I could do it again. But when I click on the pass, it says "extra pass cannot be used to unsuitable terms". What is going on? I have never used one of these passes before.
  7. "More" Quest Option Nerf?

    The "Unworldly Visitors" faction? I did the two daily quests (50 traces, 100 spirit something). The collect 50 gave good exp. I was only able to do that one 4 or 5 times. The npc wont give me that quest anymore. Says she will let me know if she needs my help again. Now I can just do the collect 100 daily trying for 30 times to get the belt reward. The end exp is not good on that one. But the exp while killing the mobs is good. I hit 97 last weekend. Now I do the Pagan Temple or Blazing Swamp dailies along with the 100 collect dim rift. The temple & swamp dailies take a long time to get 300 pagan souls or 400 magma ore. It has taken me 5 days to get 34% of level 97 doing these 3 quests with my ISS bot (split exp between them). It is slow going. What am I missing on this new faction allows me to progress really quick to 99? At my rate it will take a month to get to 98.
  8. So, my Tyrr made lvl 97 & the usual new quests become available, etc. I accepted the quest @ Rune "Impending Threat" & then "Operation Roaring Flame". I have to kill Nerva Orcs at Raiders Crossroads. It's a level 97 quest. To my surprise as I approach two white named orcs to attack them, I get two-shotted by Nerva Orc Raider & Nerva Orc Archer. 22k + a hit. WTF? Is this normal? I am in full R95 Heavy with full ISS buffs, etc.
  9. I often take long breaks from L2, so I am not sure when this changed. In a lot of the daily quests there was an option to kill more than the minimum. You could see the extra kill counts in the quest description window. If you did the min amount of kills, you got 2-3% total exp. If you did the max amount of kills, you got 5-6%. I am level 96 at the moment, and several of these daily quests that I used to be able to do "more", I no longer can. It does not matter how many I kill, the count never goes up & the quest npc does not give me the option to do more. Example of these dailies where you could do "more" are the fairy settlement quests, the isle of souls quests, the seal of shillien quest. When did this change?
  10. LE vs DE Mana Regen

    On the L2 wiki, I was looking at the SS class skills https://l2wiki.com/Aeore_Shillien_Saint#Unique class skills& the racial skills https://l2wiki.com/Aeore_Shillien_Saint#Race Skills. Are you referring to the Mental Recharge skill? From what I am reading that is part of the SS class skills not the DE racial. The DE racial skill seems to be: a) Increases P. Critical Damage and M. Critical Damage by 1%. b) Increases Wind resistance by 20.
  11. LE vs DE Mana Regen

    Is the mana regen of the Light Elf really that much better than a Dark Elf? I am considering making a healer & have been reading about and considering the differences. The difference in mana regen would be the stat MEN (LE 77, DE 73) correct? I also have been considering making a Light Elf & using chaos essence to change to Shillien Saint. I think that would be rather interesting. I would get the +5% casting speed LE bonus, higher WIT (increasing casting speed more) of LE, plus the MP Consumption -10% & the extra mana regen skill Mental Recharge of the SS. I would be using this character as PVE support for my Tyr / ISS or small group efforts.
  12. Skill Enchant Question

    Does Ensemble Melody (103) replace the individual melodies (horn, guitar, organ, drum) or does it simply jcast them as a one click buff without replacing them? Is it a waste of money to enchant the individual skills - if the new skill replaces them, then I will have to enchant the new skill. Anyone help here?