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  1. As many people asking all the time in different posts or creating new topics about the option/feature to give us the chance to change our main class to whatever and not only between our current class and we haven't get (or at least I haven't seen) any response from the NC Team. I'd like to create a poll for all of those who want that option, I get it we can always create a new character if we do not like our current one but it is not easy to start a new character after you have reach 105-107 or more on main and dual , when you have finish exalted and when you have gear that it is not treadable and since you have invest either time or money on that character. Regardless the result of this post i'd like the nc team to talk to us more analytically about this and why they won't give us that option for so long and after so many requests @Juji - @Hime