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    To don't create another topic, I'll ask here. If I can't afford CON + pdef hair acc, I should choose just CON or just p def?
  2. B. Apo Retri vs E. Shadow Retri

    ~5k p atc difference, lower atc spd, really low cast For casual pve is enough
  3. Advice for Mid geared Iss Doomcryer

    Hello, many of topics about gear for Iss are outdated so I write a new one looking for advices. Actually I have main DA 100+, dual doomcryer 97. R99 Heavy +6 3x120 attack type + Shield Almost finish Tauti 1h, need one fragment. Frintezza Soul Neclace Top Grade Special Stun / Normal zaken earing Ring of Creation / Enchanced Octavis Ring Warrior Pearl/Diamond 3 lvl Emerald 1 lvl Venir 9 / Destruction Actually trying to get CON dyes Mostly play solo PvE, things gonna Change when I hit 101 and could go with friends. What gear upgrades I should looks for? And with priority? Of course I want to stick with just same items for tank and iss as sell Thanks!
  4. WTT B Apo Cutter +9 for retri

    WTT Blessed Apocalypse Cutter +9 Body (5) Focus (4) Holy 300 for Retributer. Can be similar to this sword or r99 without bless, less enchant. Reply here or Mail / pm SinnerRose ingame with your offer