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  1. jgk21

    I'm stuck

    Hello, I have a lvl 50 treasure hunter and a lvl 49 prophet box. I'm using c grade theca leather set and dark screamer with othel 6 focus. My prophet has a top d grade staff with iss rune mp regeneration on it. Currently i find myself in the need of getting B grade armor set, but i cannot set up afk macro because i keep dying. Even if i use normal heal instead of group heal and support with autofollow. I cannot afford soulshots and i have zero adena at the moment so i really need to farm adena. But since i cant set up afk macro it seems impossible and im stuck. What am i doing wrong? Should i
  2. Anyone playing higher level rogue/treasure hunter that can provide info on blow land rates and class power overall? I've just started playing a rogue and i have doubts about this class power level, mortal blow land rate is about 40% from the back. Does the +20% critical chance improve land rates from lvl 28 onward? What's general strategy for leveling/adena gain? I'm currently using a swordbreaker (no grade) and it feels quite weak without soulshot. But if i use the shot adena is not going up. With my human knight i got +50 to p.atk from heavy armor mastery buff, vicious stance feels pretty un
  3. I've heard that adena and drops are normal on classic EU server, but it is subscription based model. Welcome to the so called "free to play".
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