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  1. When the rules of the game are changed then everyone must be reset to zero. You cry babies are just that, whining babies. You can't say before a poker game, Aces wild, and then 2 hands later say, aces are = 1. This system will change nothing anyways. A 30% pdef/mdef debuff is nothing, that is equal to using a freya rose. So pk all you want and use a rose and voila, debuff is null and void. I rarely pk using a rose, so now I will have to use rose, wha wha. I've bought toilet paper more expensive than that in the last few months. The reason there must be PK is because this is an alt game no
  2. Lets try this as a poll form So choose Excellent Good Bad Terrible And post any you feel is comment worthy after your ranking choice. Example: ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Terrible I think NCsoft has made a terrible choice to remove any penalties for straight out PKing other players. I have been trying to show people how it is so bad to prove my point and hopeful
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