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  1. Extremely profitable for some people

    Comrade, unfortunately that is how it works. NC doesn't care about our opinion, they prefer to give adena to the strongest and bleep the players. Better the strongest farm among them that players have a chance to make adena like Fishing / Refinery / powder gemstone among others that already existed. Like it or not NC made it clear the server is failing. Good luck looking for someone to answer or read about your question.
  2. Known Issue: Server Latency

    O friends, will upgrade to windows XP and implement an improvement to the computer 133 turning into a k6 while the adena drops / items have been removed and finished and the akamanah / zarich idiots make 10 ~ 20B per day! Great decisions are being made. keep it up and thank you for support for helping with my directX now I don't have lag.
  3. Hero chat

    +1 a lot of crap in chat
  4. Dual class problem

    really speaking of this? Of course you need SP friend. if your char has the SP requirements to reset it will appear the button if not, go farm sp
  5. Dual class problem

    really speaking of this? Of course you need SP friend. if your char has the SP requirements to reset it will appear the button if not, go farm sp
  6. Maphr shirt+7 and +10

    Hello, my question Maphr's Shirt+7 "power of maphr lv1 10% and +10 "Power of maphr lv2?" success enchant increase ? or no
  7. hello, @Cyan Something about the problems? solutions or something of the genre @Juji Thank you and waiting
  8. New Pack L2store

  9. New Pack L2store

    Hello my dears, I would like to know when it will be the launch of PACK NOPK where the pk exploit will no longer work for players who purchase this pack, if they really are launching it will come out on the basis of 10k ncoin per month, where they can only get on the site the same as the prestige pack? well in the hope about it we are anxious to spend with you. kisses loves
  10. yea, the best and simplest way to solve is to disable the macro system and leave only the bot`s working and everything is resolved in NCWEST xD.
  11. unfortunately ncwest friend is not calling the lineage2, and this is a Lineage2 bug, where to make pk on char that is pk and takes karma as fast as the delay on l2. Yes you have to process them on this bug of the own lineage2. Well you get PK on char that is PK on your side. His automatic responses are the worst thing in the world, you show the fault and they say it's a problem on your computer. BUG from Lineage2 you put in PVE Monster mode, comes a char pk on your side the AOE picks up the PK player. if the PK kills 1 mob before dying in your AOE you get KARMA Now ncwest says that this is working properly only if it is in the house of Satan That is the reality or they fix the BUG PK, or Closes the simple Lineage2. Automatic response, always same answer "Working correctly"
  12. @Juji since they do not want to correct these faults of the person of the pk in char who is already pk and the useless removes the karma before dying. Too bad these Bugs from L2 where you have a problem. They should check the accounts that do this, better to change the system of drops pk instead of dropping these shit break soon those bleep was not going to gain anything bugando and would just do for fun and you would be happy sitting in the chair and looking l2 classic while the live is still full of flaws better than doing nothing and always respond. We are working on it via telepathy, In Naia are now using the failure of PK Player, where he hits the Monster until he leaves 1 ~ 3% of hp, healer celestial use waits to end up coming near the players in the macro in PVE mode and without AOE that can Flag players, kills the monster with 1 ~ 3% of hp with another dd, and puff give PK !. this is a bad L2 fault where it is not common and you already know but always respond "everything is working properly" if this is to work properly, better give up everything that is Games. because this is a FAILURE of yours. GL All people start to use bug, the other method is to make the dd of the party flag even in target Monster, and pull with a tanker making it not lose the same flag monster the character can not stop attacking the tanker, logging 1 char level low flag the char level low wait for the time of 16 ~ 18s of the flag is ending enter with low level char near the tanker making the DD stay PK! stupid method without scrupulous where ncsoft support responds "our system is 100% functional" as I would like to live in your country.
  13. First of all, this excuse that they are working to try to solve the problem is a lie, because all the lineage2 servers are working around the problem by not dropping / breaking items. And once you said "this is not our problem" good is yes because they are using BUG / EXPLOIT / Failures of the Game itself, if someone sue proving all this unfortunately you will lose, For everything that is bug of the own games you are obliged to go back / solve / correct and return items. Of course the biggest excuse you are always "We are working to solve", but it continues the same crap where players are losing weapon + 16 / Sep + 10 / Big jewels / and you sitting there and thinking let everyone drop and finish l2 soon. Good open ticket once already speaking of the char that are bugging the server Naia / Chronos and are always the same. What about a solution? Well be very clear that if someone from your country goes behind the right already know ... I hope it is not late to solve a problem because many are discouraged / giving leave not for p2w but rather bugs of own l2.
  14. Macro loop deletion

    What the bleep you typing AFUM? How do you play with rollo always used Macro Nostromos and are you talking shit right now why? wanting to speak that he is a legitimate player. I think you should be the first to take ban both in the forum and in the game for trying to defame someone a trash like you should not be here.
  15. these event are just coming and no services provided for the good quality of lineage2. When will they punish illegal programs / use of autoclicks among others? You would have the potential to become a good server but just want to know about the event for money and more money and much more money. Nothing to work hard to solve serious lineage problems that always affected. I wholeheartedly hope you guys do something about anything about these issues and actually lately just think about adding events for money and more money. I know you will do what you always do ignore the message but here is my revolt. a good week.