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  1. and to this day, that crappy limit for changing classes continues. horrible not a solution how long will it continue? haha ha
  2. 7 days challenge!

    Stop friends, they are not paying much attention to what you ask for. They just want to know if there are players, we will add more damage items and whoever gives the first hit wins. if they were preoccupied with the game they would not do more crap than they keep doing and hiding.
  3. in fact this is just an excuse to hide the crap they've done even more with restoring weapons / items for idiots to overchant. Everything that has been said here so far nothing is going to change, they just want to know if there are players spending that, bleep the rest, are we going to add more items for the people to buy and where is the game? where is GM checking people abusing everything? nothing is done until today example is still Olympiads. Level 107 takes a character 114 with many points what is the point of this? the person registers and expects others to make a correct scheme for everyone not to be useless use your time to work and look at all the points of the game. Several tickets open with photos / pm's and among other things about RMT and where is any punishment? until today the same character who was the buyer of another player is still there. The person who sold the item you restored because it was charming was there and sold the item and what do you do? nor a solution. The ruin of this game is soon to collapse. You pretend that you are concerned with the players but you are with zero concern.
  4. Block myTeleport

    Take Providence Administrators. Blocking my teleport at siege time is pretty stupid.
  5. Item Restoration Policy

    This policy of yours is unsafe, once using the blue card it was difficult to drag and I broke my gun you gave it back to me +0 and other players all enchanted and look that I was buying ncoin on the day and buying the enchant Cards ticket, ticket number: # 1247897 just to see how unfair you are with some players. Maybe it was because I didn't spend a lot of ncoin at the time?
  6. In-Game Terrain Exploits

    and what's the use of going into this matter and leaving behind what ruined the lineage2 trade? SPECIAL HUNTING ZONE, GM It did not solve the problem of those who abused this flaw and nothing has been done so far. Do you want to put the problem under the rug? Please SOLVE THE PROBLEM OF WHO ABUSED SPECIAL HUNTING ZONE !!!!!!!! Then we can complain and others. Punish PEOPLE who ruined the Lineage2 trade WITH THAT FAILURE !!!!!!
  7. Starter Pack

    @Juji @Hime from pack Starter Pack remove or change rune 1-85 200% 7days totally useless
  8. it's so much better to think about it please put 0 client per PC , no need more players l2. We no longer need players in the game. Only the mobs are already great to manage them
  9. God Accessory 

    maybe one day, when he has an event, he gets these books because in boss the chance is . . . . .!
  10. God Accessory 

    It is not just spam the truth. stop crying and go play! if it was easy to do it would have the whole server. stop complaining grab your farm and do it again!
  11. God Accessory 

    stop brooding grab your farms "pc", and try again. game is already over, and yet comes these "pc" farms cry in the forum for items it gets in 2 minutes.
  12. yes now players who think it's worth over 150B a greater ruby will crumble or greater saphire or another jewel greater hahaha crying is free. L2 is going for free items in some ways. Noble Circlet now by adena greater jewels by craft dragon shirt Free L2 !!! In a few days.

    unfortunately the same 109 tanker unused more nor one. hope it comes on wednesday, main exchange
  14. BAN from Belarus

    HAHAHHAHA good joke bro "gift" gl
  15. I know your frustration, I already opened tickets with photos / videos showing step by step the bots and bugs that players were using, GM "fake" always responds in automatic ticket response. "thanks for your report thank you so we will investigate in 99 years we will do something against the game and not the real bug / bot players" The best you can do is open a ticket and get that happy response from them.