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  1. Auto follow

    is there still an "auto follow" command in the game? once upon a time back when the game 1st came out there was but I'm not finding it now....
  2. colored names

    1. since I've been back about a week now I've noticed alot of toons with their names in different colors... is this an addon? if not I've not been able to find the option to try it out 2. did they do away with the "auto follow" option? in the list of all the commands I'm not seeing it....use to be a /follow command.
  3. Attacking/Retaliating to PKer

    aahhhhhh........I C...thanks again....you jogged my memory.... I 1st started playing Lineage II during Beta.....(beginning to end).....then continued for about 9 months to a year after until the Clan I was in all decided they wanted to do Beta for another game....so I went along (even though I didn't really want to)...anyway I thought I'd come back & see how things were...so much has changed....but I'm enjoying it..... Thanks again for your taking the time & replying....
  4. Attacking/Retaliating to PKer

    O..ok...I was thinking I had to like hold down a couple specific keys like "alt + another key" or "shift + another key" while using my attack keys or spell keys. if I remember right that's how it use to be ....so they must have changed things.... thanks for your replying.
  5. recently returned to game after several years away...and refreshing my memory of game even thought a lot has changed. One thing I can't remember is.... when attacked by a Pker how do I retaliate? ROFL...my 1st day back I got Pk'd & killed because I couldn't remember what to do....ROFL
  6. Paulina's R Gear & Enchantments

    ok...Thank you
  7. I recently returned to Lineage II after many yrs being away...forgot how much I enjoyed the game. Am slowly remembering things.....but.... I have a question: Can Paulina's R Gear be enchanted? This is new to me....