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  1. There were plenty of opportunities to change the hardware without being noticed by us. E.g. when they started the EU servers (probably new-ish hardware), and later merged them back to US (pretty unlikely that they shipped the servers from EU to US). Also during all the server merges in general they could have changed the hardware. TL;DR: don't expect that they only upgraded the hardware once, even if you've read it only once. You might not remember it, but they switched the software for the board at some point (the old one was still reachable for some time at http://boards.lineage2.com) , Everyone had to re-register - I'm also one of the players that started in open beta, and still I have a join date in this forum of July 2019..
  2. I give up, I understand what you're trying to tell us, but you still didn't get my point.
  3. Yes, Naia: The amount of NPCs in extremely low populated hunting zones will be further reduced. This could mean zones like Pavel Ruins or Freya's Garden, so I was just wondering why you're crying about the mobs in Tanor Canyon
  4. BUT IT'S SOOOO OBVIOUS WHAT'S THE PROBLEM! (isn't it? .. and writing in uppercase makes my argument even stronger... )
  5. from the few words I could understand: You're already complaining even if you don't know where the NPCs will be removed?
  6. Known Issue: Server Latency

    uuh... that smells like a >8h maintenance... but if it fixes things
  7. You didn't give any preferences and I'm truly sorry if it offended you. Next time I will be more considerate, or even better shut up completely.
  8. Watch some episodes of "Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou".. at least that's what I'm doing..
  9. Known Issue: Server Latency

    I'll silently ignore the getting paid by NCSoft part... But you're mixing things up. Technicians should be available 24/7 and there should be proper monitoring implemented that alerts them if needed (I even would suspect that most of the time a server crashes, they auto restart themselves). Technicians are not the people that are responding here on the forum, so if you write "almost all monday gone and NO RESPONSE at all" don't tell me stories about technicians. Same goes to the grunts (sorry, don't mean it disrespectful) that are scanning 24/7 through the forum to remove all the e.g. racist posts that I've seen here recently. They are here, but I wouldn't expect them to post anything about the current Lagageddon, because it's above their paygrade. I would expect updates from either Hime or Juji. Those two are the faces for Lineage2 on NCWest, they have the authority&responsibility to update us on the current status. I'm also not completely satisfied about the information flow, but [moderated] hell, I don't expect them to give us updates in the middle of (their) night.
  10. Known Issue: Server Latency

    Are you aware of this abstract model called "time zones" and where the people that could respond live?
  11. Revelation skill level 2

    The display is bugged. It will always show Lvl1 in your skill tab. But if you use it, and check the actual buff of e.g. Savage, you will see that it's Lvl2 (and thus not getting the -pdef).
  12. oh, that's a decent limit... nice thanks
  13. Known Issue: Server Latency

    EVERYBODY SHOULD KNOW!!! (actually no, that's wrong.... I guess nobody here has access to the system... and even the people that have access to the servers don't know it either, else it would have been fixed already, wouldn't it?) But since we have here a lot of experts speculating, let me just add some more speculation&rants (speculation is just as delicious as all those tears that are cried because of the lag...) * Manner system: Nope... I hope that's something that is implemented client side. I don't see a good reason why it should involve the server at all. * Ranking system: sounds plausible, on the other hand I would expect it to be somehow batch processed and maybe even in a separate storage layer (Having seen some Korean NCSoft techies at O'Reilys Strata conference, I would imagine them to know how to handle big amounts of data) * I can only imagine how messy a 15 (+a couple of years development time) year old system must look like. A hell of legacy code that nobody sane would want to touch * Working(&waiting) between two time zones is already hard enough. I wonder how much extra toil is added with NCSoft West and NCSoft being two different entities. * I guess the people at NCSoft West already know that they are knee deep in problems, more blaming&swearing won't help to speed things up. * As much as I dislike seeing the 3 client max limit, I guess it's a good temporary step. * Same with the disabled char creation. While char creation itself shouldn't be a problem, those toons want to get leveled.... * Complex systems are complex... Let the people work on the issue.. All those players that are hating and complaining about losing money (yes it sucks..) should invest an extra 5$ to send the people trying to solve the issues some cookies...
  14. I have to add to this whole "lag lag lag" discussion, that right after the maintenance today (~2 hours after), the game was as smooth as I've never seen it before in the last years. I even had the feeling that the Launcher was faster and the time until I got to the server selection was much less than before... It's a pitty that it's slower again Also I have the feeling that it's only regional, isn't it? At the places I was playing the last days, it wasn't great, but I was always wondering what people were complaining about. It was only when I did the L95 rift today, that I saw this whole "1 shot , 2 seconds pause" thing..