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  1. If people have enough time to write such lengthy posts, could they please also take the time to read the forums... e.g. https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/18267-live-server-maintenance-wednesday-may-13-2020/?do=findComment&comment=123792 Let's see what those changes are before complaining more
  2. restarting the computer is enough. Sometimes on critical errors or on disconnects the client doesn't cleanup some locks and then you'll get that error message until you've rebooted.
  3. just read the forum... it's all there *sigh* https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/18261-please-make-fishing-event/?do=findComment&comment=123778
  4. Would be cool if NCSoft would have a talk with their backbone provider...As usual it seems that my problem is the Telia network: my ping is going up to 730ms average (worst: 1200ms) when entering the Telia network... unformatted it's unreadable, but for anyone that actually takes care about numbers: |------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | WinMTR statistics | | Host - % | Sent | Recv | Best | Avrg | Wrst |
  5. You probaly missed that we had XP Boost server settings the last few weeks. Those ended yesterday: XP/SP +100% Vitality 300% No XP Loss Upon Death (for non-chaotic only) Party Hunting Bonus +50%
  6. 1) The last time we had such an event the rewards were cumulative 2) I just checked the "Sujin Transformation Stick" I got last time (11 year rewards) and that one is sharable via Dimensional Merchants. (I also checked a couple of other rewards, and they also had the "can share within account" note in the item description - not sure if it's true for all items though)
  7. hmhm.. there are some small but interesting notes... e.g. Added the Favorites feature to Teleport. Changed the mechanics of Manner Mode so that now party members can attack the same target Fixed an issue where the 3 clients per PC restriction could be bypassed.
  8. tin foil hat time.... I wouldn't be surprised if more than 50% of the people in the queue, are distracted/not aware that they've reached the top of the queue and getting disconnected due to inactivity.
  9. Or it does on-demand calculation every time someone clicks the refresh button... Not saying that it does, but it's not always black or white.
  10. Interesting how people are reading things differently. I didn't see any "party time" in Quenias post. For me it was an honest request to lighten up the dull days for people that are quarantined at home and need something to get distracted and to not lose sanity.
  11. I always had the impression that even if it's one single big world, it's divided into multiple tiles (changing tiles was noticeable e.g. when running north through Death Pass to Oren territory, somewhere around the bridge you always had a short loading freeze). As long as there's no player in a tile, the tile is inactive and shouldn't cause much load... But anyways, you can add Dimensional Rift to your list... Yesterday I logged in with a char that still had one of those yellow "SOE - Dimensional Rift" scrolls, and I was quite surprised to see that there are still mobs inside the Rift, e
  12. Have you ever bought server hardware? Where I work the people are trying to do capacity planning for the next ~12 months, because the lead time can easily be 6 months or more for the amount of stuff we need. Assuming that we're talking about <10 servers I wouldn't expect it that long for the game servers here - e.g. off-the-shelf Dell servers are ready to ship normally in less than a week, but if you look at the Dell website you can also see some models taking up to ~3 weeks for shipment. You never know the circumstances (Maybe it took 2 months to get the internal approval for the
  13. I also had this problem, and once when I was so frustrated again because my first char got disconnected again before I was even able to log in the last char... I decided to rent a virtual server in Canada and routed my traffic through that... I'm testing this out for ~3 weeks now, and the only DCs I had so far were due to the weekly maintenance The downside is, that this adds around ~10ms to the latency, but playing from Europe I have a ping of ~140ms anyways - the 10ms don't make that much difference. I'm only routing Naia traffic through the VPN, so in theory I could do an A/B test to s
  14. Sadly it's an official requirement, it's stated in the patch notes: Mentee Fostering’ quest isn’t accepted as being completed if the mentee has reached Lv. 105 while the mentor is in the following situation. Quest Not Accepted as Completed When: the mentor isn’t online the mentor is in the middle of an Olympiad the mentor has moved to a Dimension Server.
  15. Based on your conditions I'm qualified to counter you... But actually I'm just wondering why you make the whole point of "Lineage 2 client crash with "insufficient memory" when you still got 10.9GB FREE RAM." when you're aware of the 32bit client. (that plus wondering about how this turned into an "my junk is bigger" thread ^^) I'm not discussing that the L2 client has its problems, and that I'm lucky that I rarely(never?) got an out of memory even after playing for longer times in the last 15 years. My crashes were most of the time due to some issues with the graphic card driver ..
  16. There's no reference to fishing in the original post (bait isn't always about fishing). As far as I understood the post it's about the inequality that you only need +7 for a blessed weapon, but need a +9 (Note: isn't it actually +10?) for a bloody to be able to exchange it. And now with some speculation since it isn't mentioned in the post: If we're talking about magic weapons that can be brought to +7 with HEWR, you're baited to gamble to enchant it more with unsafe(r) scrolls...
  17. You're about a month late to the party... https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/16142-why-the-price-doubled-if-we-get-the-same-and-less/?tab=comments#comment-110895
  18. While I'm also pretty annoyed by this bug, I don't have the expectation of a fast response/solution during the winter holiday time ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  19. There were plenty of opportunities to change the hardware without being noticed by us. E.g. when they started the EU servers (probably new-ish hardware), and later merged them back to US (pretty unlikely that they shipped the servers from EU to US). Also during all the server merges in general they could have changed the hardware. TL;DR: don't expect that they only upgraded the hardware once, even if you've read it only once. You might not remember it, but they switched the software for the board at some point (the old one was still reachable for some time at http://boards.linea
  20. I give up, I understand what you're trying to tell us, but you still didn't get my point.
  21. Yes, Naia: The amount of NPCs in extremely low populated hunting zones will be further reduced. This could mean zones like Pavel Ruins or Freya's Garden, so I was just wondering why you're crying about the mobs in Tanor Canyon
  22. BUT IT'S SOOOO OBVIOUS WHAT'S THE PROBLEM! (isn't it? .. and writing in uppercase makes my argument even stronger... )
  23. from the few words I could understand: You're already complaining even if you don't know where the NPCs will be removed?
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