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  1. Is there an official explanation of what this message means exactly? I have been spoiling various low level mobs no problem so far until I tried Bloody Bee. This mob in particular would give this message every time I sweep it. It seems to happen on certain mobs, but I would like to know exactly what the error message is supposed to mean. It's not because of low level so what is it?
  2. New Quests - reward?

    Not much point in asking for reconsideration since it never ends. They just killed the entire soulshot market and probably caused a whole bunch of people to quit who were afking in giran. They changed class transfer spellbooks to give you a better chance of getting the one you need and thus altering and even killing the spellbook market. They removed the FREE newbie pack with weapons and now costs at least some ncoin. They already had a 15 day brooch, but they still havent implemented jewels anyways. There will likely be some event or otherwise once jewels become fully implemented.
  3. New Kamael Weapons

    Where do you get them? Anyone seen anything yet? There are some in the luxury shop (Blinzlasher), but what about D and others? This version of classic is a weird hybrid so I don't know where to look.
  4. It's probably more about multiple connections from a single IP, but hey I don't box with 6 characters so I don't have this problem. Cry me a river really.
  5. Spellbook Clear Mind

    Has anyone seen this at all? I got Aqua Cubic from the class transfer and I saw that you don't get this skill until lvl 85 and I thought maybe there aren't that many 80+ yet. I've never seen or heard about Clear Mind even though Sea of Spores is camped basically 24/7 and it drops from the fungus there. What's the situation on the lvl 40 spellbooks?
  6. ban???

    Sea of Spores and Ketra Outpost was a favorite spot for botting amongst others when I played live. Telltale sign is actually going to town and watch them run to the gatekeeper over and over. That's your proof if anything and not them farming. It's them running in a straight line over and over to a gatekeeper or dying over and over in death valley. They have been doing this for ages on live so surely they know. When I was farming at Ketra on live awhile back though, I noticed those bots actually started to disappear when I moved into the area. It's like bot's own protection. By the way, loop macro is nowhere close to real bot software. There's a lot of problems and limitations in afk macroing. You can also pk bots. I am pretty sure there are bunch of people who intentionally pk botters, but then seem to leave you alone if you a real.
  7. Mark of Journey II+

    Are these only available to one character per account? I leveled a second characer to 30 and didn't get the mission for the next mark.
  8. I am seeing a signiifcant difference in adena when farming on my rogue vs my wizard. I am literally getting twice as much adena farming on my rogue as my mage in the same zone when the xp seems to be the same. Something is going on and I would really like some clarification. The difference in adena rate when I play these two characters is so glaring that it is seriously affecting how I play this game.
  9. I screwed up and didn't realize you can't transfer those samurai sword from the store to another character on the same server. Being a new player it just occurred to me how much those weapons make a difference let alone understanding what NG and d grade even meant. How is this game meant to be played? Those store weapons are temporary, but last 30 days and are like c grade. It clearly makes a huge difference grinding up using that weapon to get you started. Does NCSoft always intend to provide those advanced, temporary weapon at all times? If not how are you supposed to play this game when they literally shove you into lvl 20 from the start? I managed to scrap up enough for a NG weapon. This after realizing something wrong grinding in abandoned camp using literally the first weapon you get when you make a new character. There was no other starter quest to give you a better weapon so I was grinding for awhile with that starter weapon. LOL. But now trying to even farm up a d grade weapon is a nightmare and still quite the struggle to get lvl40. So my question is what is intended for new players? On a side note, if anyone can offer a cheap d grade staff for a mage for a struggling new player it would be appreciated.
  10. Brooches and Gems

    Where do you get gems in classic? Pona sells "jewels" on live, but on classic it doesn't offer jewels or gems. You get a brooch from a quest in classic and I have yet to figure out where and how you get gems to put in.