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  1. Can you do xp boosts for lower level from around 60? It's a wall with only one daily mission available after the FOM daily expires. TOI is not possible without a party and the only reason lower levels are tolerable because Cruma can be easily soloed. Since no one parties in this game or just boxes full parties and afk, there's no avenue for modest players starting from this level. Now after the server merge TOI I is constantly packed anyways and most likely by 1 player afking with full parties and there's only 4 rooms. When there is at least 2 daily missions overlapping it's tolerable, but there is a gap from 60-65 and the xp is so miserable without access to any high xp dungeon type places to go. TOI is supposed to be that place, but for variety of reasons as mentioned it is not a great solution. The game kind of starts from 70 so can you consider boosts for much lower then 75.
  2. This new support shortcuts window refuses to remember it's setting. I have to turn it on every time. Is this a bug or can it be fixed?
  3. Box's are trash

    It's always been the case about these loot boxes and you keep falling for it. They have been doing this since the beginning and pretty much every other month they release a new loot box and it's always the same thing with terrible drop rates. I think what these game companies are doing with these p2w items are unethical, but at the same time you kind of do it to yourself.
  4. Sneaky cloaks p2w l2store item

    Can store in private warehouse can share within account Unusable Drop Public Store People already with +8 Elmore Cloak - Legendary
  5. Sneaky cloaks p2w l2store item

    I heard that "legendary" cloaks are tradeable, but there is still a lack of information on the website. They really have an obligation to be clear especially when it comes to paid items.
  6. HP potions from the event disappeared? I don't recall any explanation for this?
  7. Shot Recipes

    This was all recent with Kamael update. You should read the patch notes.
  8. BD: Dance of the Vampire 74 Dance of the Warrior Lv 2 71 Dance of Fire Lv 2 61 It's a waste to buy the high grade pack on buffers, but just have them assist off you. You get tons of free ss. All 3 assisting and attacking with ss will melt cruma 2 and afk there until 57. Might even be able to do TOI.
  9. Mobs spawning on Trees/rocks/pillars etc

    Sea of Spores Giant Monster Eye Dire Wyrm Rotting Tree Right in the middle of the zone where the giant pillar? is. Cemetery Soldier of Grief Cruel Punisher Grave Guard Taik Orc Watchman Taik Orc Supply Officer The supply officer annoys me the most and constantly spawns on top of the tombstone. Abandoned Camps and Fellmere has some too.
  10. ImperialxRose - Talking Island Server

    I've had a hard time reaching you in-game. I'm currently 58 with 2 boxes. Been looking to group for TOI or anything besides afk solo. I'm about ready to start my own clan. Is anyone interested in partying and not afking with full party boxes?
  11. Drop rate difference

    Just a thought, but since there is no grade penalty, there is rationale for nerfing drop rates just about from 55 since it allows you to farm far easier than it was originally designed. Notice the weapon from the high grade starter pack has a lvl 54 restriction that is not applicable to NA Classic. In other regions/versions that weapon was only usable from lvl 54 and imagine how overpowered being able to use those weapons before that as everyone has been doing in NA. It would not be fair to give normal drop rates if players are allowed to use gear not originally intended for those levels. NCWest has never made an official statement other than "it's fine", but I have definitely noticed something odd about rates having explored different zones and even leveled my own spoiler. Could it be "fine" given the context? If my speculation is correct, I can understand to an extent, although I don't entirely agree with how they handle it. XP is still retained low to give incentive for buying xp boosts, but it has also let a lot of honest players hang dry without notice. What if some players enjoy low rate and take time at early levels? Yet a game as this is not fun if drop rates are kept so low that it turns from challenging to simply not fun. If they designed this game to be rushed to end game, as I have theorized all along, then give us some sort of a hint or anything at all so we don't waste time meandering in lower levels.
  12. I finally got to 58 and started farming 60 mobs and the drop rate has been very noticeably different. I farmed in Fields of Massacre - Doom Servant, Graveyard Predator, Dismal Pole. They all have various gear parts like full plate and some b-grade. Stuff was practically raining down the sky from what I have been used to all this time. I have a pile of various parts from just one day of farming. Meanwhile I hardly could get any d-grade stuff to drop up to now. I have gotten about 9 various full plate parts including 3 full plate armor temper which still has value. It's hard to imagine this zone and mobs is some exception. I was farming Unicorns in EV just prior. Couple days of farming netted me just ONE full plate armor temper and also near the entrance of DV on my spoiler. Not ONE SINGLE top c weapon part has yet to drop for me. Yaksa, Deadman's etc. Not a single damn one when I have been farming all the mobs that have them in their loot table. I come to Massacre and 2 shot these mobs and now I get all this stuff to drop? Second day of doing the Shilen daily and I already got a Great Pata blade to drop, b-grade. Whole week of farming DV on my spoiler and I got the captain to spoil ONCE and it was a raid sword blade and some bec de corbins? These are just mid-c. I can already see it coming that it's probably easier to farm a b-grade spirit's staff over a c-grade deadman's. I briefly tried Thunder Wyrms in DV and of course nothing. There seems to be some cutoff at 55. Although there is overlap between Cemetary and Fields of Massacre at 55, there appears to be quite a difference in terms of xp/sp/adena/drop. Let's say L2wiki is not official. The loot table is mostly the same, but the recorded drop/spoil rate does seem to be different. Can you tell us anything at all? All the complaints about drops are early levels pre-60. I farmed Fields of Massacre and made 1 mil in a day. I've been agonizing at lower levels all this time and the solution simply seems to be to level fast 60+. Is this intended?
  13. Does it get better or should I change

    Typically people refer to pvp and ranged champs are just that. They 2 shot people before they can get in range. Aside from that I don't think it matters that much if you go melee instead of playing the class you enjoy. Problem with this version is that unlimited boxing made everyone box and solo the content all the way to end game so it only matters until you are 70+. Another factor is that many people actually spend money on VIP and runes and level quite fast because those xp boosts are significant. You just have to grin and bear it until at least 60+ and try to afk since that's what everyone does. It's not until 60+ or so where there is more interest for parties as content becomes more difficult and the drops become relevant from b-grade. I play on Talking Island and have similar problems playing at odd hours or a different time zone.
  14. No Mobs

    I made a post about Cemetary because I noticed the mobs were bugged much more after the recent maintenance. Bugged as in spawning on top of objects. When mobs get bugged like this it essentially takes them out of the loop because if they are even slightly on a vertical axis, it doesn't get picked up by nexttarget, doesn't get killed and still takes up the mob count. You can kill them manually as the mobs can spawn different locations, but once it gets stuck/bugged again it will forever stay that way. There are mobs spawned literally on top of pillars and on the highest points of the walls around cemetary. So yes it is probably like 30% less mobs in cemetary because they are all stuck in the air. This has been a perenial problem in Sea of Spores and it just so happens the area where mobs get stuck are right where the trees spawn and those trees have like the best loot table in that entire zone. Since I noticed a zone getting bugged recently, I felt it is worthwhile to post about it as bugged spawns are something that can still change today and not an age old problem. Putting these new 500 quests in those zones are the dumbest thing. The bottom corner on the border with Breka is the best spot in Death Pass, but of course it so happens there are lots of rocks that get in the way and bug out mobs. They just need to fix mob spawns for once. When the entire game revolves around farming it is something that should legitimately be a priority to fix.
  15. They are bugged like all the mobs spawning on top of objects like rocks, ledges etc. that didn't exist prior to this recent maintenance. Certain spots like the graveyard squares in the back. Now nearly all mobs are bugged and spawn on top of the tombstones. Again this was not happening when I went there before. Please fix these bugged mob spawns like the notorious one in Sea of Spores. Any mob that spawns even slightly on a vertical axis does not get picked up by auto-target. This is a feature of the game and hence it is a gamebreaking bug if it does not work as it should due to mob spawns being bugged. These bugged mobs will make an impact as the mob spawns are set to a certain quantity and these bugged mobs take up that amount. This has an impact on mob availability with the existing bot problems as well as players being able to use the auto-target function with more mobs being actually available.