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  1. @Juji Elder Pink should be selling Pink's Style Potion? It is what patch notes is saying, actually checked at NPC mentioned and didn't found it on the list.
  2. Well, we`re almost on christmas...
  3. From what I know, the first part is at NPC Tarti, in Gludio Town. Check there.
  4. hair accessories

    Eyepatch "clean" uses left slot, but if you manage to add a pin to it, it will use the right slot. NCTroll.
  5. Chat Restictions

    Giran speaks for itself. Also, I think I'm not the only that block every speaking bot when it's there.
  6. The problem is, blaming legit players for bot players fault. This is not a logical question, it's more like people who has been doing everything right being harmed with "rules" (being temporary or not) that SHOULD be applied to specifc players only.
  7. Known Issue: Server Queues

    Everyone will be crying here and then they will shutdown the server, that's what gonna happen!
  8. Server will fly with the removal of ranking system. As I said before, create a NPC to this, should be fine.
  9. whoa, server down. Maybe they'll be removing the queue?
  10. Just came home from work, thought about logging in and checking my AH mails, then .... boom. What about creating a filter in this queue, eg: If the server is full, you auto get into queue list, but let's imagine that there is an algorithm to check if you have any instance of lineage 2 already online at the server, if yes, you really go to last spot in the queue, if not, (like you just came home and want to log in with you main account) the algorithm will check your data and allow you to bypass the queue and enter the server, or wait for the minimum as possible time in it. This is really killing the will to play this game, I know it's temporary, but how much time?
  11. Cara, os mentees não ganham mais diploma porque esse sistema já é antigo. Hoje no nível 40 você ganha equipamentos (Paulina twilight/apocalypse) que ultrapassam os status dos antigos sets imortal/requiem.
  12. Aeore`s Blessed Resurrection Skill

    Hello, didn`t find any other post talking about this. Just noticed that my Aeore, Lv 89, which has the Blessed Resurrection skill at Lv. 1, in the description, says it can restore 85% of the total exp lost at death. Then, when you ress someone, the ress popup says it restored 100% of the exp lost. WTF? Who`s saying the truth?