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  1. L2 is a 32-bit process so it wont access more than 3.25GB of memory even if you had 2TB of RAM. must be a software issue on ur part. sth in ur system or game client got corrupted
  2. Lineage II: Winter of War Begins on January 16

    Quoting many petitions I have sent to the support of NCWest: "Everything is working as intended"
  3. So, as in the title. NPC Black Cat in Hunter Village should have "Hunter's Amulet" items for sale for 200 Raid points, but for some reason... you can't anymore. Those items were available for people with Hunter Faction lvl 2+ so now with this faction deleted, you don't meet requirements to get the amulets. @Juji@Hime Is this by design, or a mistake and the hunter faction requirement was not adjusted after the faction was removed? If it's a mistake then will it be corrected before "Winter of War" comes on January 15th, so we can use up our faction related items before factions get removed for an unknown amount of time?
  4. Lineage II: Winter of War Begins on January 16

    Brace yourselves, bugs are coming
  5. Coule o' Qs Needed some As

    Don't expect GMs to express their opinions in this matter. They avoid talking to ppl on any matter that is even 1% uncomfortable for them. They just have us deep in their ***** <3
  6. Russian GMs

    GMs here spend all their days tryin to fix the game and failing.. They will never gonna make any presentations xDD
  7. Well, many thanks! The deals aint half bad.
  8. The only thing they removed is the Quest that gives the soul bottle for the bracelet, so if u have souls, or a bracelet with a soul already, u can still upgrade them in Hunters Village. The only other options are: -Lucien Bracelet, from current event -Kaliel Bracelet that u can level with scrolls that drop in Primeval Isle -Dimmensional Bracelet. goes to +5 and 6 slots
  9. I thought it might have been connected to the latency issues we have for the past days, but those issues are gone, yet the skills on my tank, and some other tanks friends of mine are not back to normal. For some reason in all the instanes I've been entering, the boss monsters are unaffected by my "Provoke Aura", not to mention they resist all my agro skills. What is more, the "Provoke Aura" itself seems to be working periodically, as if once in a while it was turning itself off completely, and turning back on after a while. I know I am not an isolated case, since all the other tanks I know have this problem, but I just wonder if it is a bug that came into effect after all the recent lag related changes, or for some incomprehensible reason, this was done by design.
  10. Game is unplayable now!

    We done some testing in party, and all classes that use any sort of melee attacks are affected: tanks, iss, tyrr, othel etc. Dont see any impact on wynn or feoh, but i might be wrong. This totally cocks up the game. I cant barely finish K95 solo on my titan, bcuz basically he doesn't attack at all. I cant solo on my tank either. In the current state the game is basically unplayable!
  11. Well thanks a bunch! Claiming that the upgrade was a 1-time event last year and wont be a part of the event this year. Of course I had no choice and went with the standard upgrade and failed, which was expected. And now you add the upgrade back to the event. I feel cheated >.>
  12. Every single year libea had option to upgrade seed talismans, but you removed it this year. Why?? Guess GE sales on L2 Store dropped...