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  1. NCSoft, as it is the South Korean company does. NCWest, which is the firm running our server clearly does not. But as u said, in "some" states, which apparently mean not Texas, since if my memory serves me right is where NCWest is located
  2. in majority of countries around the world, it is mandatory by law to show the % of getting each reward. wish US had same law, so we could see that all the top prizes have 0.0000000001% chance
  3. server runs as if it was powered by a lemon battery that is recharged by a senile 3-legged hamster. fun.
  4. 1. Japan 2. NO 3. all the time 4. hitting mobs, triggering skills, using consumables, un/equipping gear, browsing AH.. everything?
  5. April 8th. Ranking system not working. Server runs buttery smooth, no melee lag. April 9th. Ranking system is BACK. Hime using server to run Excel '97 so we can be ranked up constantly. Melee lag is back. Coincidence? I think not. We, the players, have been telling you the ranking system is the source of the melee lag, while you "amazing" GMs and ur "outstanding" development team can't solve the bloody thing for OVER A YEAR! Just rank us up one a day, on reset, which is same time when the ranking bonuses are applied anyway! JUST FIX THE DAMN THING ALREADY YOU BUFFOONS !!
  6. Enjoy ur winter holiday and best wishes for the new year
  7. I can already see situations when u be all happy that u found a chest and start killing it, and then someone with a network of radar-bots appears out of nowhere, 1-shots the chest "for u" and dashes away with the loot. And maybe even PKs u as a "thank you". Sounds fun...
  8. @Juji I noticed that I have two kinds of Orc cards in my inventory, one type i get from buff/pouches, this one has the deletion date on it. I also got another type from the Snake NPC, those are marked as "event" and dont have deletion date. Is it on purpose like that, or is it some sort of mistake/bug? I cant use the event kind for exchange, since they dont merge.
  9. yup, gone in under 4s on chronos. basically who had a faster clicking mouse wins... or a faster bot program
  10. I see our "benefactors" ale less generous than last year, with only 100 cheap destiny packs, compared to 300 in 2019. Viva la 2020!
  11. I rather they take longer with the maintenance than fuk up sth by mistake.. again. But maybe thats just me
  12. 200 imaginary random gems with no guarantee of getting anything good at all for 250$ ??? I paid 299$ for an RTX2060 for christ sake... Also good luck if you need 590 powders to upgrade a a brooch to Lv.5 Complete madness....
  13. Don't forget about making dual to main transfer a thing and fixing the melee attack lag once and for all
  14. Woohoo, finally! That is some good news, thank You so much @Hime !
  15. just tested the new sigil/shield skills and effects on my tank and oh boi. - can sue shield skills with sigil equipped instead of a shield - for some reason sigil increases p.def - as usual bad descriptions, ex. on the shield Emergency maintenance when ?
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