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  1. I concur. Remove or at least extend the timer a bit more. Those cookies are great, but we need more time to use em up. Not to mention, having timer on such paid items is just low..
  2. Not a glitch. NCSoft just cant decide if Summoner is a mage or a fighter. And since you can only use a mage weapon, the summons that are fighters and get a boost based on ur physical abilities.. well.. they suck. the only use for summoner these days is for raids, where u can support ur ally by casting marks on the boss. thats it.
  3. Wow, what a scam. Doesn't break even for what the itmes are worth. Not to mention, 7 rare books of splendor and 11 frags. with this ratio, not exactly RARE is it? I guess GL to everyone crazy enough to buy and open those boxes!
  4. If you are weak, dread is pure suffering, as single target attacks are very weak on dread. Titan is great, easy to set if u go for normal crit. dmg., sturdy and if needed can do well with a spear. My recommendation - titan
  5. You are new to reading as well it seems. All I said is that Ferios is useless. It's power creeped by Elmore and not worth getting unless you get it to +18 so u can have 2 augments and the +18 effect. Don't bother with Ferios if u wanna keep it low enchant. Get a Nevit Cloak of Light instead. +3 all stats and -10% damage received is amazing. If you wanna spend on cloak get Elmore and use it to farm adena better.
  6. Ferios cloak is useless, unless u get it very high, like +18. Better get Elmore to use on your DD dual class, or stock up on Nevit Cloaks of Light. Khelida, Paladin lvl 113
  7. regular one. didnt bother going legendary tbh
  8. hahaha. I failed to +10 with 102 LUC and ancient scroll +10% chance In the end, 150 scrolls from +0 to +0
  9. "All your wallets are belong to us!" NCWest
  10. Its same as the one we had in January, with an update! Now only 1 Legendary Scroll per account with Hero Coins >.>
  11. Spot the difference! TYVM NCWest moneygrabbers
  12. "When Antharas, Orfen and Baium visit Ferya's Ice Castle, but it's the heatwave..."
  13. NCSoft, as it is the South Korean company does. NCWest, which is the firm running our server clearly does not. But as u said, in "some" states, which apparently mean not Texas, since if my memory serves me right is where NCWest is located
  14. in majority of countries around the world, it is mandatory by law to show the % of getting each reward. wish US had same law, so we could see that all the top prizes have 0.0000000001% chance
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