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  1. Hi everyone, Sorry for my bad english in advance. I'm a new player, i'm playing Yul Moonlight Sentinel lvl 100, Wynn Spectral Master lvl 100 dual. My equipment - Armor: Paulina's Twilight Leather Armor - Weapon: Paulina's Apocalypse Thrower - Jewelry: Paulina's jewelry - Accesories: +5 Circlet of Authority Commando Belt La Vie En Rose's Brilliant Brooch Ruby lv.2 Emerald lv.2 Diamond lv.2 Pearl lv.2 Paulina Twilight Bracelet Venir's Talisman stage 1 Talisman - Destruction The questions What equipment improvement do I prioritize? Dual class certificates for PVE/PVP+Olys? Ability points distribution? Dyes and stats priorities? Thx you in advance, I'll be pleased of getting other tips too.