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  1. CL4PTP

    GK info. Plz

    Are there any PvE GK Guides out there that aren't 15+ years old? lol
  2. To trio with a tank.. what would you think is a better choice for the DD.. dagger or Nuker? Having a dagger assist a tank.. or Having the tank aoe aura on as the nuker aoe's This would be to lvl the tank.. its currently lvl 103.. The dagger is lvl 101.. and i would have to lvl the nuker from 99.. isnt too hard..
  3. I usually play 3 boxing.. Tank:Main Dagger:DD ISS:Buffer I was thinking on lvling up my Nuker/SS and replacing the Dagger, what do you think?
  4. Simple question.. What do most tanks of 103/+ get on their armor? Bloody or Dark.. Keeping in mind, If you were 50/50 PVE/PVP ( or is that even possible ) hehehe.. Would the non Bloody armor not hold up to the 105+ mobs? Or be just fine..
  5. My Dual class is a 101 Dead. Ive been away for a year or so, and im looking to see if there is a "optimized" guide in setting up the AP points for it. Was also wondering how everyone likes the new skill. ( Sharpen edge of Sword ) Overall how is the Dread now? Keep it or switch to Titan or something else.. Just curious..
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