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    Phoenix knigth

    ty for the respond srry to reply this late butmmmm i been loking to go for a pvp build or more like an all around build
  2. Embrock

    Phoenix knigth

    hi everyone , well i was looking in the forum for some specific info abut sigel phoenix knights but couldn't fnind any so i was hoping that you guys could help me. Does anyone knows what stat affects the most for all the class skills, i read that tk used men to land his skills, so does pk uses men 2?, also any good advice on subskills, skill enchant, gear and jewels?? lol i know its a lot to ask but as i said before i have looked in the forums and found no updated info for all this.
  3. oooo i seeee ty for the fast response
  4. niceeee ty, one last question whats the diference between normal inmortal set vs the one you get whit diplomas??
  5. hi everyone , im looking for some help whit this, im a phoenix sigel knight lv 91 and im using paulinas armor/libra weapon, my question its: what armor should i aim for? i whanted seraph but i haven't seen many ppl whit it , also i don't wanna waste adena soooo im kind of lost, any help would be apreciated.
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